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Gotta Vent

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Ok here goes.... my neighbor has weekly fights with her boyfriend about him not visiting her and everything else on the planet. She yells and screams and drive me and my cat up the wall. Her fight usually ends with a few slamed doors and wild sobbing. The one day my kitten was freaking out because of her. It took nearly everything I had to calm him down. I've talked to my landlord, thankfully she's moving in May .
And to top it all off she has complained about Limerick and every othr pet she see in the complex. She's bitter b/c she can't have her dobermin in the apartment. Keep in mind it's a one bedroom and the lease limits the size of dogs to 30-40 lbs, and forbids dobermins and pitbulls. SHe has complained about my firends 2 jack russles and he doesn't even live in the building!!!

I can't wait until she leaves!!!!
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Make sure you find out what day she moves out so you and your kitten can wave her off!!

When i was with my boyfriend and we just had Rosie i wouldn't allow him to raise his voice because they get frightened just like a child would
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Well, you'll be getting the peace and quite you need! And good riddance to her!
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I wouldn't visit her either if I was her boyfriend! She must be a very unhappy person on the inside to be so ill with everyone around her. I'm glad you're getting relief soon.
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mrsd got that one right for sure! Only an unhappy person could bring so much grief to someone else. She probably has very low self-esteem unfortunately.
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Good to hear she's going and you can have some peace and quiet!
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At least that situation will keep you inspired to do well in school so you can graduate, get a new job, and buy a house so you don't have to live in such close quarters! All I can say is hang in there, I had all sorts of psycho neighbors in college and there's not too much you can do. You need to get you one of those ticker things that everyone else has to countdown to May (when she leaves)
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