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Advice Please

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Hi everyone!!

Can anyone give me any advice? I adopted a stray female and her kitten last year from a rescue charity.

They both fit and healthy although I keep them as house cats.

Ever since the mother loves to chew plastic, not anything else but plastic, especially carrier bags!
She has just ruined my new pvc blinds which was the most recent thing.

I have read somewhere that this could be a sign of boredom.

They have two sctraching posts and a box full of toys, which they love.

I can only assume that once the mother was a outdoor cat and now a indoor cat, she has grown bored as a result?

I dont want to let her out as its way too dangerous around our way, so many busy roads, plus it gives me a peace of mind.

any ideas to stop this any other ways?

thanks for any adivce


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I found this toy that connects to any door frame, it has a long line and on the end has a mouse. My kitten loved it!! Be careful though, they can chew off the mouse (which he did) andyou're left with just the string. They can also pull the toy off the door frame all together and that can cause problems. The good is they can start playing with it whenever they want.
Good luck!!
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Thanks for the advice. I will try it.

Although the younger kitten is more domimant then the mother who loves
plastic, so if we get two, it can encourage both of them to join, becuase if he plays with a toy like that she will not touch it.

Its like that at feeding time.
She will wait for him to finsh and then go up and eat, is she just being polite?

but thank you I will try

adrianna x
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This page (click here) has lots of ideas to keep indoor cats entertained. These treats (click here) are nice for cats who like to chew, and they're healthy. I'm not sure if they're available in the UK, though. As a substitute, you might want to try getting some rawhide chew sticks designed for small dogs, and see if she likes chewing on those more than chewing on plastic.
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