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My foster kitty enclosure

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Here is it from the outside.

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Thats awesome!! Did you build that yourself ?? If so how much $ did all the materials cost you?!? Just curious!!!
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My husband and I built it together. I'd say it took about 30 hours and maybe $100. We bought all of the cheapest wood/plywood and used some stuff we had at home. It helped that it didnt' have to be perfect. Imperfect materials are ALOT cheaper.

Here are some pictures of my foster kitties on the inside. It's tall enough for me to walk into without slouching (I'm 5'5"). It's about 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

On the floor is some carpet remnants that I got from my office building (for free). The black and red marks on the wall are my 6 year old step-son's version of "high-rises". It's a city theme......see the blue sky.

This is Buddy and Pennsylvania. Very sweet kitties. They were on their last day at a high-kill shelter.

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wow that's huge!!!!! It's like the size of my apartment!!! haha :
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Oh what a wonderful enclosure and a wonderful thing you do for these poor kitties that have no one to love them. How I wish I could do something similiar someday!
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It took ALOT of sucking up to my hubby for him to help me and sacrifice half of the garage, but he knew I would not give up on fostering and it's certainly easier having them outside.


P.S. Don't worry, it's heated.
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That is soo cool of you and your husband to build such a nice place for needy kitties!
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Karen that is awesome!! Yall did a great job! I love the high rise & clouds .. cute!!
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Wow, that is great, I'm thinking of doing something similar to that. Thank you for taking care of the kitties.
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Wow that's awesome. Kudos!
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oh wow! how cool
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