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Questions about trapping

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I will be trapping some of my ferals this coming Mon. and the lady we're borrowing the traps from suggested that we put Macrel (sp) inside the traps to lure them in ... now my question is

WHERE DO I FIND IT?? Ive looked at Walmart *super-center* All they have is sardines, tuna & salmon filets ... would one of those be ok??

Also should I keep the dry food up the nite I want to trap them & have the only food out be whats in the traps??

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It doesn't have to be mackerel. Any kind of stinky fish or cat food will work. Find a can of herring or sardines, those will work too.

Yes, take up the dry food. You want them to be good and hungry so that they overcome their fear of the traps. Steel yourself !! It's hard to ignore their pleas for food but it's for their own good
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I think tuna would be fine. I was able to trap 2 ferals using just tuna. I did not feed them for 24 hours before trapping so they were hungry enough to go into the trap after the tuna.

Hope that helps
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Nise, any of those other fishes, like the salmon, or tuna would be fine. You don't need to use a lot of it, just a few bites near the entrance, midway in and at the very rear of the trap. Any yes, don't leave any food down for at least 12-24 hours (hard to do, I know! You hate to think of them being hungry). You want them hungry so they'll be more likely to walk into the trap.

Just some suggestions: Cut some lightweight cardboard to fit the floor of the traps. It's easier on the cat's feet than standing directly on the wire. Newspaper can also be used to line the trap floor, but if it's windy out and the paper blows around, it will scare the cats.

Make sure to have a large towel to put over the trap as soon as the cat is inside. You want it big enough to completely cover the trap on all sides.

DON'T leave the trap unattended!!! Stay close enough to be able to see if the cat is going in the trap, but in a place where the cat can't see you. Soon as the kitty's inside, drape that towel over the trap so they feel safer.

Good luck - let us know how it works out!
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Thanks ladies!!! I will def. try the card board or newspaper! And will have a big towel ready! I will not leave the traps unattended I'll be watching them like a hawk ~ where the cats cant see me of course!!! Not feeding them for 12-24 hrs. is gonan be hard but like yall said I want them to be super hungry & take the bait

The big Trap Nite is Feb. 6th ~ Sun. ... so Im sure I'll have some last min. questions as it gets closer!!

Thanks a bunch!!!
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Feel free to post/email/pm with any questions Good luck!
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Thank-you Marion!
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Believe it or not, our Humane Society traps with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Breast meat, stripped off the bone with little bits leading into the trap with the bigger portions in the trap. They have used this when all other types of stinky fish canned food has failed them.

Whatever you do, don't get freaked out if the cats start thrashing in the cage. Covering them completely with a towel and not peaking in will settle them down pretty quickly. Cats can injure themselves in the cage, but you have to keep reminding yourself that in the long run, they will lead a much better life once they are speutered (a little bit of discomfort for a much longer stress reduced life).

After you trap one, move that trap to someplace where the others can't see them or it can spook off the rest of the cats.

We're doing a massive trapping adventure on Saturday night for a low cost spay/neuter on Sunday morning ($15 for spay or neuter, plus rabies and other shots!!). We've got 12 traps and hope to fill all of them this go around.

Sending positive trapping vibes your way!!
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Hi Amy, I can see where chicken would work too Ill keep that in mind if the 1st trap nite doesnt go well w/ the fish! Im gonna try not to get freaked out if they start thrashing all over ... like you said having them trapped for the reason they are is for their own good!!! As soon as I get one trapped I'll move it inside my house into my utility room where they'll be staying for the nite!

Good luck on your trap nite .. Hope you fill all 12 traps!!! Sending positive traps vibes your way too .. Thanks
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