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Hello To Everyone

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My name is Kim
I have 2 cats..Raven 12 yr black female,Trouble 5 yr cream colored male,and sadly missed but never forgotten Major 15 yr old ,125 pound male german sheppard.I need help with a problem coming up..My fiancee and i are moving into a new place together this spring along with my 2 cats and 2 kids,and my fiancee's 2 cats..Oki 2 yr female calico and Lucky 1 yr female grey tiger..Nice happy ending story about Lucky,remind me to tell it soon..Love all the pics of everyones kitty's/cats..Hopefully i will have pics up soon..I have had cats and dogs.. all my life,and have brought home new ones on occasion to join the family..However..I have never had the problem coming up in the spring were we all moved into a new place and at the same time introduced new ones..Very worried about this...Please help with some advice on how to this.
Thank You
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Hi and welcome to TCS!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you moving into your new place. There are lots of people on here that can give you really good advice about introducing new cats to one another (unfortunatley i am not one of them )
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Welcome to the site!

Actually, the introduction may be smoother since it is in a "neutral" place, i.e. none of the cats will feel that it is already their territory that is being invaded by newcomers. Starts all of them off on the same footing.

I'll move this to Behavior for more help for you.
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi Kim, Welcome to TCS!
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