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Old cat not eating since new feral brought inside

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I am very concerned about my 6 year old cat. I had to bring a 9 month old semi-feral kitten into the house. I am hoping to keep her, but it depends on how my house cat acts. Right now, I have the feral kitty isolated in a spare bedroom. My house cat spends all his time sitting right in front of that door to the bedroom. He will only eat the tablespoon or so of tuna I give him in the morning as a treat. He has barely touched the dry food in his dish. He will leave the door to play a little and sleep a little, but he is soon right back at the feral kits door. This has been going on since last Friday. I am very worried about my cat and even though I want to keep the feral, I won't jepordize my own cats health. If things don't improve, I will have to give the feral kitty to the no-kill shelter. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have been using Feliway, but haven't noticed any difference.

Thank You.
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I assume you have had the feral kitty's shots and everything done (testing for Feline Leukemia, etc). Cats CAN tell when theres something wrong with another cat.

Or it could just be that he's upset/curious. Cats can act very strange when they're mad
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Yes, the feral has been spayed and is up to date on shots!!
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I'd say if theyre both up to date with the vet, you should introduce them, in a single room and supervised. I'm sure your older cat is probahbly just upset about the new cat and not being allowed to see it even though it can smell it.
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Although Sophie wasn't a ferel when i got her, Rosie was a bit upset by it all and stayed up in her room until the following day and wouldn't eat either so it could be that?!.

I would go up to Rosie every hour just to sit with her and talk to her to let her know she was still wanted
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I would say to get your older cat to the vet right now. Cat's not eating are susceptible to feline hepatic lipidosis and that is not a nice disease. Your vet should be advised that your cat is not eating, how long it has not eaten or how little it is eating and run the appropriate tests.

Based on what your posting, I would say your feral needs a new home pretty quickly. Some cats are just not sociable with other cats, and bringing in a new kitty always upsets the residential cats. Due to the degree of how much this has affected your older cat, I would either release the feral or find it a new home.

Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

BTW Tuna is not that great for cat's to eat.
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Your right Hissy, I am very concerned about Levi since he has not eaten well since Saturday. I hate to let the feral kitty go since I'm not sure I can recapture her if they have space at the no-kill shelter. This is really hard.

Thanks for the advice.

BTW..I only give Levi a tiny bit of tuna in the morning as a special treat..its kind of a bonding thing that he loves. It is by no means the bulk of his diet.
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