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Kitten stomped to death

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I found this post today on my Rottweiler forum, (they care about cats also) This was on the news also. I simply cannot imagine something like this happening, but I know it does, everyday

Well my morning was going good till I picked the paper up, actually yesterday's paper, anyway I proceded to scan over the front page and saw that a young man stomped a kitten to death . I had to read over it twice bc I thought it had to be a mistake , unfortunately it wasen't. A young girl took her little brother in to buy him a kitten, they had it up on the counter to pay for and the kitten climbed up the employees arm and scratched him, he then threw it to the floor and proceded to stomp it to death, OMG I can't even imagine this . It was done in front of everyone even the little boy who was soon going to take him home. I can hardly believe this. Witnesses immediately called the police and at first they didn't arrest him but with the persistence of people who witnessed it and other residences they tracked him down at his home and arrested him, now the sad thing is the owner of the store, DID NOT fire him, (Zimmers pet store) he said he would go to anger management classes and pick up feces for awhile, can you believe this One woman asked, what does it take to fire someone here? It also was mentioned, if he does such a horrible act in front of people what does he do when something makes him mad and no one is around. I'm proud to say people are staying on top of this and I plan on sticking my two cents in as well but all I can picture is this defensive little kitten and that poor little boy who witnessed it, what is this world coming too? Does anyone know of anything else I or anyone can do about this awful situation, how can we have him fired? I'm so very upset over this Sorry this is so long and most of all I'm sorry to upset everyone After reading that in the paper I got Czar out of his crate and gave him a great big hug and he so kindly hugged me back, that truly made my day God Bless all those defenseless animals. Give your pet a hug today.
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This may be a shot in the dark, and God KNOWS there is SO much animal abuse everywhere. But how about getting the name of the President and CEO and address of the corporate offices of Zimmers Pet store and write to them. I doubt that it would've gone that high up the corporate ladder. I wouldn't be surprized if they knew nothing about it. That is unless Zimmers is a small Mom and Pop kind of pet store. If it was in my town, I'd stand outside the store with a sign trying to get people to boycott the store. These are only suggestions.

That story is disgusting and I can only imagine what that little kids is going through having to watch what that scumbag did to that poor kitten. He's probably having nightmares.
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My question is, how do people who don't really like animals end up working in animal establishments? I mean, if I were to work at a pet store, I'd be taking care of the animals really well. If this monster dosen't like animals, maybe he should look for employment elsewhere. I don't believe pet stores pay a good salary to employees. I am starting to believe that people who apply for jobs in shelters, pet store, zoos, and other places should be screened.
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How horrible & how sad for that poor kitten I cannot believe they didn't fire him, or even press charges! I really don't think that anger management classes will help him.... Ya, he can say it will, but I don't think he should ever be able to work with animals, yet alone own one! How old was this person? Now, if it were me, I wouldn't go back to that store... let them lose business because of what their employee did! Can you maybe report this to maybe the Humane Society?
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An update. The person who did this was 23 years old. He did end up being fired, I'm sure due to the many protests of customers.

And he will go to court next month, with the maximum penalty being $5000 & 5 years in prison.

Even if he gets maximum sentence, its not nearly enough He took a life that can never be replaced.

A poor little kitten just about to be given the chance to have a good life that he deserved from birth, only to have it taken away forever.

It scares me to think that we are out there every day with people of this kind, just ready to explode. I do not envy our future generation & what things they will see in this world.
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Anyone who just explodes for no real reason is very very sick!!! I am glad that young man was both arrested and fired!!! (He should have been fired immediately!)
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What a terrible ,terrible senseless tragedy, I can not believe that a creature like that works in a pet store.
My blood ran cold as I read the story.
That is so disgusting, I can only hope that the charges of cruelty to animals brought against this horrible excuse for a human and ruin and destroy his life just like the innocent life he took the innocence he destroyed .
Can you imagine the poor little kids who witnessed this horrendous act, what they must have been feeling.
My thoughts and prayers to all .

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oh my gosh! I almost had a ceasar! No I just can't believe this! Uh I hait computers...if I had a phone I'd be going lieterally nuts! A poor innecent kitty! I can't believe this world! Thats it who's with me to start a Cat (and kitty) Rescue Center website. Helping cats all over the world. I can start the site...I need lots of help...I think cats need more help in this cruel world. I just still can't believe it. I am so about to cry. I mean I am just without words!!!! 5000 dollar ohhhh ya like thats so much ya right! He deserves more then that send him into the people's court she's a judge who LOVES cats he's be dead because their was one episode where there was a case and the defendant shot the ex wife's cat because it was "annoying." and she almost killed him. I doubt you ever watch it but he deserves to go see that judge! Well write me back if ya guys are intrested in starting that!
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FAive thousand dollars and 5 years in prison isn`t nearly enough fora takinag that innocent little life and traumatizing the poor child who was about to purchase him...but worse yet is the fact that he will probably go home from court with a little slap on the wrist and....maybe a few hours of community service. Life just isn`t fair.
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Five thousand dollars and a five year sentence could be good for him. He could be beaten up by his fellow animal-loving inmates. What state is this? Most state have up to three years in jail. He should endure as much torture as that kitten went through.
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Its in Pennsylvania. I hope I am able to find out what his actual sentence and or fine will be when he has his trial.

People are standing up for the abused animals much more now than in the past. So its possible that he may get a good sentence.

They were not even going to arrest him, but the people made such a fuss that they had to do something. Thank God, people are beginning to stand up for the animals that cannot stand up for themselves.
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My3boys....I cried when I read your post, that is so sad.....and such a heartless act. We need to have much stricter penalties for animal abusers (and killers) That poor kitten!!!!!!!!! It only sctratched because it was scared!!!!!!! How on God's green earth could ANYONE stomp on a kitten like that?????? Mkaes me sick.......
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I can't believe anyone could do such an awful thing to any living thing.....especially a harmless little kitty. and to do it in front of a child I can't believe they actually hesitated to arrest and fire this man! that little boy probably thinks about this every day(and probably has nightmares) I doubt he will ever be able to look at another cat again without reliving that nightmare
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