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Weird Behavior

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My kitten will always come lay down on me at night on my stomach and then he'll start scratching with his front paws and pressing down and then he'll bend his head down and look straight ahead as if he's looking at a bird or something. What's going on? Recently he's been doing this and lifting his legs up as if he's about to jump. Then I'll look and see like a little wet spot as if he was about to pee or something. :O I always stop him because I'm scared he might do something like pee on me.

Also, why is it that when he comes and lays down on my stomach he'll get up and start attacking my biceps and arms? Weird behavior. It seems like he's all nice and content but then all of the sudden he meows like he's mad and starts attacking my arms as violently as possible!
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Sounds normal behavior to me. I don't exactly know WHY but cats just do the kneading and pouncing any time they feel like it.
Your kitten is very energetic. Have a toy he can play with instead of your arm. Don't use your fingers as targets. Cats love pouncing on moving things.
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Bijou kneads my face and neck while suckling on my neck. After he finished this ritual last night (which reminds me I NEED to clip his nails tonight before bedtime), he laid his cheek on mine, sighed and went to sleep. He also snores!
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