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Cats Scratchin at the door?

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Morning all, I'm having a few problems with my two cats who are both 2 yr old. One female (Peach) and the other male (Socks).

I used to let them roam the whole house but they started to play fight in the early hours in the mornings so I decided to limit them to the ground floor.

But now, every morning without a doubt, all I can hear from downstairs is Peach scratchin at my lovely wooden door!! Is there anything I can put on the door to help prevent this as it's doing my head in!!

My second problem is they keep scratchin the furniture as well as doors and other bits of wood (oak) in the house.

They have a big scratch pole which they love and use, (Argos, £40... alot cheaper than Pets @ Home ) but they still seem to scratch everything. The problem with this is, I am taking deliery of an Italian sofa in 4 weeks which cost £3000 and I don't want them ruinin it for obvoius reasons.

Any advice would be grately appreciated.

Here's a couple of small pics of the cute buggers!



Thanks, forum newbie, MikeyB
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Awww, how sweet and cute!
I protect my furniture by covering it. Although my gang do not scratch it often they sleep on it all the time.
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First of all... Welcome to TCS!! Your babies are adorable!!

You might want to try Sticky Paws... Essentially, it's a large sheet of double sided tape... My kitten, Malakai, will get his paws stuck to it and get frustrated and has since stopped jumping up in places I dont want him to be... Another idea would be to try a Cat Repellant... It has to be sprayed once a day and they HATE the scent... I have to warn you tho... The scent is kinda annoying for us too so you might not want to spray it on everything unless you can find one that is less annoying for humans...

Those are my suggestions... I'm sure some of my esteemed colleagues here at TCS will have some other ideas for you... Good Luck! and feel free to PM me anytime if you have a question! Enjoy our site!!
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