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Daily Thread for Friday the 19th

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It's dawn - it's crisp out - the wind is blowing - BUT - It is Friday!
Hope eveyone enjoys the day and the upcoming weekend.
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Woooohoooooo!!!! ITS FRIDAY!!!! And only 5 and a half hours till I can go home!! yipeee!!! Hope you are all enjoying your FRIDAY and looking forward to the weekend!!
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It is FREEZING on Cape Cod this morning........only 28 degrees here by the ocean. BBBBRRRRRRRR!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
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I'm really depressed. Living in NY will do that to ya.
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Val....chin up girl! We all love ya here. Remember that when you get down. The work that you have done at the shelter and for Danielle is sooooooo good. Deb
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AAww so sweet!

Thank you Debra
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Yeah Val, I don't really know you well but I've read a lot of your posts and you seem very sweet!!! If you are having a bad day, just shrug it off, tomorrow will be better I am sure!


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I am sure sorry you feel that way right now. My friend who lives in New York says that these are the most astonishing times to be a New Yorker. The subway crime is down, the tempo of the city has changed, the horns don't blare so much anymore, strangers are embracing strangers, and the people have the attitude that they just aren't going to take the crap anymore so they are kinder and more aware. True that the wtc tower crash was horrendous,sad, heck there are no words to even say what it was, but the fact that the people of New York have come together like they have. What an amazing time to be in New York right now.
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Thank you all.

dtolle, thank you very much for your kind words.

Yes Hissy, everything you said is true about crime rates being down, and New Yorkers coming together. But I can't help but be terrified, since most of the attacks are hitting NY still. Except for Florida and that Media outlet. And a few in Washington. But what makes it worse, are things like when Cheney said yesterday that we will suffer more casualties in the US than the soldiers abroad...now THAT is just mindblowing. What is next, Smallpox or nerve gas, or a bomb????

Sorry guys, I am .Freaking out.
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I know that you're scared, we all are. If there is anyway you can try and focus on other things, more positive things, you should. My boyfriend is in the Army and everyday I'm scared he's going to call me and tell me he's being deployed. I would have gone bonkers by now if I let it get to me. I can't control it, so I'm not going to to torture myself by playing 'what if'.

I have faith in my government, I have to. Where else am I going to put it? Besides God, and I'm not downplaying that, just saying that this is in the hands of the people that we elected to lead us, through good times and bad. All I, or anyone else can do is try to live as normal of a life as possible, try to be more observant of our surroundings, more loving with our family, show more kindness to strangers, and appreciate this wonderful country that we have.

I just feel so sorry for you because you're freaking out, and things are only going to get bumpier. Don't do this to yourself. Don't let the terrorists win. Try to find the joy in the small things.
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I am so sorry about your boyfriend and the stress you are under.

Thank you for your kind words.
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Try saying the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the the things I cannot change
The courange to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

It helps me ALOT!

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Donna, thank you.

Actually I belong to a spiritual study group, based on the "Converstions with God" books.

But lately I have not felt very spiritual.

Sorry to be such a downer on this posting.
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thanks Val, all things considered I'm actually doing pretty good
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Everyone has their days, so don't apologize. Just thought the Serenity Prayer might help. Cheer up. Tomorrow's another day.

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Thanks Donna....
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Val....some fellow cat friends of mine have a friend in the City - they had her jump on a train and come here for the weekend to get away from Manhatten. The leaves are beautiful right now and Vermont is just around the corner. How about a trip to the country?!? A wonderful Bed and Breakfast.....the lull of the wind blowing the leaves and NO traffic!
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Val, I think Debra has a great idea there!!!!!!!! The leaves here in New England are stunning right now! Its absolutely the best time of year right now. Maybe you should get away for a few days and just appreciate life! Or if you can't do that, take a day to pamper yourself and just enjoy the world......don't think of all the bad stuff, just concentrate on the beautiful leaves, the crisp air, the sound of the breeze, the warmth of the glowing sun.

Give yourself a "down" day and enjoy your life!!!!!!!!!

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