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New to this and need help ASAP!

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I have 2 kitties, well one is 6 months and one is 5 months. I just got the younger of the 2 and they now both have very bad diarrhea and gas. Now I am only 22 and these are my first pets EVER! I need help..should I take them to the vet or try somthing at home first? HELP PLEASE
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Better to go to the vet when in doubt. Not being able to see the kitties in question, we on the forum can only give very general advice, which should never be used in place of a vet vist. Are they fixed and vaccinated yet? If not, you'll have to swing by the vet soon anyway . . .. Other question is: what are you feeding? Cats can't digest cows milk and other human foods easily, so if you've been giving them that they'll have digestion problems. Chocolate is also a toxin to cats and dogs, FYI.
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Thanks. I have been feeding them purina kitty food, and my cat that I got fist was fine, never was sick,. Then I got the new one and at first tey were both fine, although they wer locked in seperate rooms. Now that they are "together" they both have diarrhea. My husband says it because thjey are stressed and we should wait a few days...
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Hi there, Obi's right. Please bring your kittens to the vet, because they can run some tests and give you diagnoses with what's happening with your kittens. And they can give medications for your kittens. Let us know what happens after you've brought them to the vet. Good luck! I hope everything turns out right.
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Well, the problem with waiting is that people (kitty or human) with chronic runs will get dehydrated fast. If it persists for even as short a time as 24 hours, their bodies will not have had the time to absorb the water they've been drinking before it leaves again (lovely image . . . .). There are plenty of possibilities other than stress. Given that you just got one of the two recently, he could have an illness or parasite of some kind that was in the incubation stage when you got him and wasn't noticable. Only now he's actively sick, and has passed it on to your other kit. I'd really call the vet in the morning and ask whether they think you should wait or bring them in. No one wants to spend limited funds unnecessarily, but better to go and find out you didn't need to than to not go and find out that you DID need to (because they've gotten REALLY sick).

Don't know what your set-up is, but don't keep the food and water near the cat box. prevents contamination.
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Good luck, and yes, do let us know if they are OK!!
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You have been given excellent advice- please give your vet a call and do the dehydration pinch test. While the kitten is on something solid, slightly pinch their necks and release. if the skin stays tented up beyond just a few seconds get the kits to the vet now!

One of your kittens could be a latent carrier of some disease causing the diarrhea, but because they are so young they do need a vet

Moving this to health
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oh dear me.. that sounds like a mess for you and them, I am so sorry to hear it. Let us know what the vet finds out! Best of luck with them both!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Are you giving them milk at all. The diarrhea could be coming from this. Please take to vet and try to find an answer.
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