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Meme & Wayne.... photos

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Well yesterday was our 1 year anniversary of knowing each other. Some people on another board where we first met wanted us to post some photos of us so I have made a small web page with those photos. These photos were taken on my 2 trips to Canada to see Wayne. If anyone here would like to see them the url is below.

Oh and anyone wanting to see some of Wayne's drawings can do so at this site. He dont know that I am putting this url in here too.
This page will take awhile to load.

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Meme - thay are fantastic. Ain't love grand?
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Ahhhhh bless.... don't you look great together!?!
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Those are good photos. I really like the one Wayne took with the different colors in it. That is a pretty place. I like the covered bridge picture, too. They look good the way you arranged them.
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Debra....yes love is wonderful and seems even more special when it comes late in life!

BodLover....thanks for the comments. We make and unusual pair as I am only 5' and he is 6'4"...

MissWhitney....Glad you like the photos. Wayne took lots of good photos recently of the fall colors but cant put them all online at this time. There are LOTS of covered bridges in New Brunswick and lots of beautiful scenery.

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You look wonderful together. All the best wishes to you!!! The pictures are fabulous!
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Thanks for sharing the pictures - they're lovely!

This place looks so romantic and you look so happy together! I'm really happy for you both! Is that the cabin where Wayne actually lives? It looks like a charming holiday cabin! I wish I could spend some time with hubby in such a beautiful place! Well, maybe in a couple of decades when we're finished working and raising kids
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Hi Anne....

No that is not where Wayne lives. It is a cabin that can be rented by the day or by the week. It is 3 br, livingroom, kitchen, and bath. It is private and you can only see the roof of one other cabin from there. Nothing fancy, just a cabin. Behind the cabin through some woods is a pond with canoes. There is no tv or phone there. Just quiet and peaceful. Below is a photo of where Wayne lives taken last winter...brrrr

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I do hope you and your family get a chance to come to NB. There are a lot of Jewish and Middle Eastern families living here now so the snow can't be too bad. Summer (May till September) is still best tho. Fall colors start getting good around the first part of October but are mostly gone now.

Incidentally,I grew up with 3 good friends who were Jewish. The oldest(my age) moved to Israel and may still be there. So if you ever run into a guy named Ancil Kashetsky tell him you know a member of his baseball team from St John NB. The boy kept stats like a major-leaguer,darn good arm too.
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aww - you guys make a cute couple! hee hee
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Dear Meme :angel2::daisy:

You guys are seem more in love each time I see you! Meme, those were really great pics.

I also think that Wayne should show his art. Perhaps get a good art dealer to take his stuff around. It's so clean and refreshing I was particularly impressed with the 18 wheeler! I loved the one he made for you and for his mom too. Shoot, I just loved all of them! :laughing2

The area is so beautiful up there! When are you moving!

Love ya's!!!
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Wayne's drawings are beautiful... I think he should try painting, maybe watercolor...

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Catarina Well yes it seems we love each other more with each passing day. And I don't know when we will be able to be together for good but we are working on it. Tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough for me! Yes it's very pretty up there. Btw Wayne took some of those photos so I best give him credit for that. I just finished putting about 60 of Wayne's small drawings of wild flowers and other flowers on a cd. He does such detailed work. Maybe I will put those online also one day.

And thanks to everyone else for their nice comments!!!

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Meme! Thanks for showing us the website with all the pictures!! (I even liked the one in the housecoat... )
I always have to pat myself on the back for being the first one here to realize you two wonderful cats were in love!!!
I understand the situation, but I continue to pray that someday soon, you will both be Mr. & Mrs. Kittyfoot!
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Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! The pictures were lovely. You two look so happy. Am I out of line asking what your situation is? It seems a shame that two people so in love have to be apart. I once had a long distance relationship because of our jobs, and since neither one of us was willing to quit and move, it eventually fizzled out.

Hope it all works out!
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Thanks for all the good wishes folks,they are much appreciated.

Debby.. from your lips to God's ears. I think that He has this planned for us;there have been so many things already that have worked for us. Hopefully in the near future Barb will indeed be mrs Kittyfoot Saaay..will we then have to combine as KittyFEET??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Anne-Claire..thanks,at some point I do hope to return to painting but at present time has restricted me to the pencil and ink modes. I get to detail more this way too.

Barb..thanks for doing such a wonderful job Hon. Very proud of my Kitten...Love you.
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CONGRATS on 1yr! I enjoyed the pictures and KittyFoot's drawings. . . . MeMe (loose the housecoat, Girlfriend) LOL!
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Loose the housecoat??? Hey its cold up there and would never get breakfast cooked wearing just my nighty...

Glad you liked the photos and kittyfoots drawings..

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TLK...she lost the housecoat shortly after the pic was taken..believe me!!

I'm thinking of doing some pet drawings in pen and inks if anybody's interested.
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if you are going to do pen and ink of cats dont you think you should do one of kiki for me first.....
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Uh KF,

There are SOME things better left unsaid, if you know what I mean.
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