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I'm a bit worried about my Maggie, she has gotten sick on me twice. 1st time was like a mucus then today it was a brown color. I called the vet and the receptionist said if it keeps happening within the next few days to bring her in. She agreed that it maybe just a hairball, but she does'nt seem to eat like she use to. And she just seems so thin to me. Or is she maybe just growing length wise? She is almost 4 months old. She has energy that has not changed. Do any of you think that maybe she is not eating because she is so wound up in the new kitty (Sadie) that she feels she does'nt have time to eat. She is constantly looking for Sadie if she is not in clear sight. Or am I being overprotective of my baby? Also she won't drink water either, Vet told me that since I'm feeding her the pouch food that she is getting the moisture from that and thats ok. But she should still drink water to, right?

Its obvious that I'm a "new" kitty owner. Please give me any advise you have, it will be mostly apprecitated.
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One worrisome thing about vomiting is it can cause rapid dehydration. Because you kitten isn't drinking, I would be inclined to make her a slurrie with her wet food and water, just to give her added moisture. If you gently scruff her neck and then release her skin, and the skin stays tented up you need to get her to the vet NOW same goes for if her third eye creeps over slowly covering her eye get her to the vet immediately she needs subcutaneous fluids. If you can get Pedialyte and give it to her slowly that will help her as well-
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It never hurts to be overprotective of your furbaby! All of my cats went through a "skinny" stage when they were kittens, as they got older, they filled out quickly. Vomiting is definitely a sign that something is amiss - it could be nothing more than a hairball, or it could be a food allergy, or something she ate that didn't agree with her.
I don't think she's not eating because of being distracted by Sadie.

You're doing the right thing by watching the kitten carefully. Chances are that your kitten is drinking water, you just don't see her do it! I worried about that once with my first cat - it seemed like it took forever before I "caught" him drinking!

Sneak some water into her food, and if she is still refusing food, and no longer vomiting, try a different brand of food (look for high-quality ones like Petguard, Innova, Merrick). If she's still off her food no matter what you try and/or vomiting, you'll need to get her in to the vet. Don't wait more than a day to do this - cats can develop liver problems from lack of food.

Be sure to do the "skin test" Hissy mentioned to check that she's not dehydrated.

Please let us know how she's doing.
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No advice to add, other than to make sure that the water you add to the food is warm water, and don't be too stingy - 2 or 3 tablespoons added to one meal of canned food isn't too much - just make sure to stir.
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Thanks KTLynn, Maggie has not gotten sick today. And still full of energy. I went to our local Wal-Mart and bought some Hairball Remedy to use, incase it is just hairballs. She did drink some water today, from her water dish. But when I put it in with her food (same for Sadie) they won't eat the food, (very little) Should I just stick to "dry" food? Each time I've taken Maggie to the Vet he has asked if I've been giving her dry food. Actually I just started them both on dry food, the wet food seemed to give Sadie diherra(SP) and it was to expensive to be buying both dry and wet food. Kitty Chow is what I've been giving them, I've never heard of the brands you mentioned, but thanks for the suggestions.
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Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. Maggie seems better today. I seen her drinking some water, so I think she's gonna be A-O-K! Thanks again.
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Glad to hear Maggie is feeling better! Sometimes cats don't like their canned food to be too watery, so if you try to add water to it, they may refuse it. If you need to sneak water into the food, try just a small amount at first. You can try to increase it a bit if she accepts that. If not, at least you've gotten a bit more fluid into her.

Do you know why the vet was asking if the kittens were eating dry food? IMO you were doing the right thing to give them canned. It's better for them than dry and Kitten Chow isn't a really high quality food. Not all high quality foods are available in all areas of the country. Sometimes you have to order them and have them shipped.
If you have a large pet supply store near you like Petco or Petsmart, you can find some better quality foods there like Nutro and Natural Balance. Check the labels and avoid anything with by-products or artificial colors and/or preservatives. Corn and wheat are fillers many cats have trouble digesting and you should steer clear of those too.

Hope Maggie continues to do well - thanks for letting us know!
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