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acting weird after vet visit

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well, this afternoon I was sooo excited because Chester passed his blood tests! (thanks for the support guys). He was fine for the majority of the afternoon, but when I just went in to give him "supper" he didn't meow and get all excited for food, barely ate anything and kept on acting like I was a big scary beast, hiding from me and slithering away. He had his rabies/URI booster today, once the tests came back clear. The vet also gave me some meds for what she thinks is pink eye, instead of a persistant URI. The tiredness, and loss of appitite doesn't bother me too much, as our other cats were like that for a day or two after their injections but him acting so weird and being skittery like that.
I'd like to note that he's not throwing up and bowels are in control.
Should I be worried, or just try to comfort him by keeping my room warm and comfy until he feels better?

Thanks so much,
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Jess, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I suspect he could be having a reaction to the shots. Even though your other cats didn't react this way, it could just be that this is how Chester reacts.

I think your idea of keeping him comfortable and quiet is helpful. Keep a close eye on him and if he isn't himself by tomorrow, give the vet a call. Hopefully he'll be fine by that time.
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Absolutely this is what might be happening. Every kitty is different; what affects one will be seemingly non-existent to the other. The little guy had a lot done, and many times it's a combination of stress and the shots. He's skittery - natural reaction - don't worry, he thinks he's probably going back. If he isn't sick and I know we are all so ecstatic he tested negative, then he's reacting to your stress, too, and because he's not "sick" he can't figure it all out. Most kitties when very sick instinctively know they are being cared for. If not sick, they sometimes don't have a clue! Which is actually good. But KT is right, keep him warm, calm, and by morning with tons of gentle love, he should be coming around - about 24-36 hrs. You're doing great and how attentive and intuitive you are!
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Watch him for any really odd things, in case his reaction to the work-up is out of the norm.

That being said -

He's likely just being a scaredy cat. I had a cat (Tron, RB) who'd hide for a long after a vet's visit. He was so terrified of the vet that once he pooped on the vet table...(got the S*&^ scared out of him, lol....). I'd watch Tron's food, make sure he was eating, and then, usually the night of the day after the vet's visit, he was back on the bed cuddling with me or with Penny (also RB).

I suspect your guy's going to be cuddly with you again soon (if that indeed was Chester before the vet), but give him some time. And also be aware that if he got injections (which he did), he's going to be sore for a bit - like when we get tetanus or 'flu shots. They're no different than we are - and I know I'm a cranky head after I get a shot for something or other....

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Thanks guys! Last night I finally coaxed him out from under the bed with some light head scritches. He very cautiously curled up on the pillow next to me. Then about 3am he jumped on me and started purring/licking my face. I guess he's feeling better! He also inhaled his breakfast. Going to keep an eye on his....eye.....for the conjunctivitis (which I'm giving him ointment for 3-4 times daily) otherwise he spent the morning playing with his favourite blue mouse.
Thank you again for your support and understanding of a overly nervous new mom,
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