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I always eat at my dining room table (since that's where my computer is!)
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Originally Posted by Obi
I pay my bills on time, but then I end up with a growing pile of paperwork that "I'll file this weekend". When the pile is finally threatening collapse, and I have no space on the desk is when I actually do it!
Oh gosh, I am a culprit of this as well. I even bought a new filing system this past weekend to hopefully help me -- but so far its not working.
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You guys are making me laugh! Now when I sing at the grocery store, I will be laughing and wondering if all of you are at a grocery singing, too!

I can't believe Malakai fell in the salad!
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I'll let you know what their playing tonight for me to sing along too
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Originally Posted by stormy
I have to eat at the dining room table. If I try to eat sitting on the couch Roo jumps up and puts her face in my food, which wouldn't be so bad but she always (I mean always ) sneezes all over the food! It's not just me either, she does it with everyone. When my niece and her bf are over she does the same thing to her bf! You should have seen the look on his face!!!
My best friend's parent's have a cat named Lion (Adrian's boyfriend) and he sneezes all the time! He'll jump up on the table and if you're not careful he'll sneeze right in your plate... Since, my friend's Dad doesnt usually get home until after dinner, we save him a plate and it is usually filled with everything that Lion sneezed on that night! LoL It hasnt killed him yet...
Originally Posted by captiva
I can't believe Malakai fell in the salad!
Thanx Chris! LoL I'm still finding pieces of lettuce all over the room... LoL
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I have nothing to fess up. We live in a very small town called "perfect".
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Hey Susie !
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Cute thread..let me see,,,1) I am a horrible singer but I sing loudly and dance if I am in the car alone. 2) I sometimes do not correct Conner when he is doing bad things if Tony isnt home (Shame on me, but when I walk back to the table and find a cute kitty sitting proudly on my work,, I cant help but smile cuz I love him.) 3) I find myself cursing at bad drivers although I am very aware they can not hear me,,LOL,,atleast I dont yell! 4) If I dont stop myself I will politely give strangers advice...Ex's= > When i went with my friend to help her pick out a kitty from the shelter there was a woman picking up her cat from being neutered, I told the woman that her cat was very beautiful and inquired if he was being picked up from a neuter,,she said yes, and since I just went through this with Conner I told her nicely that he would probably be hungry when he got home and he would be aloof at first but he would be back to his old self in no time!,,the lady asked rudely.."Do you work here, if not then you do not have the authority to give me advice!" and the lady behind the counter who was bringing the cat his meds says.."listen to ME. I work here, not her,,and NO you are not supposed to feed him for another 48 hrs." I just kind of withdrew my self from the situation, I was just trying to be nice,, and the whole 48 hr. thing??!! That is not what my vet told me. But yeah, I do that stuff all the time,,shame, shame, shame.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Hey Susie !
You ok Chris? Not feeing well??
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SAntice - i would appreciate it if anyone gave me advice while im in a shelter. they were very rude!!

I get angry if we dont eat at the dinner table (especially dinner)
I get angry when my bf eats in the bed because it makes it dirty!
I hate to constantly do the dishes. becuase it looks like its magically filling up.
I cant concentrate when the house is messy like now.. lol
and im also one of these people who wears socks for 2 days in a row if it doesnt smell! ( its winter they never smell anyway since im always in the house)

Oh yes.... and i refuse to clean the bathroom when i move in somewhere and it takes me nearly a month to get my courage to clean it
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I eat in front of the TV or computer everynight, then again I live alone and it makes me feel loney to eat at the dinner table alone.

I don't sing along in stores usually but I will dance.

And I love to people watch and ease drop on other people's conversations. It's a bad habit that I'm trying to break though.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I like to look at the shopping the person in front of me at the checkout has
Me too!
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Oh I'm terrible for sneaking a peek at the shopping trolley in front

I do screen my telephone calls - in case it's my mother I know, bad bad Beth.

I have a lovely pile of stuff on the desk in my study that "I was going to put away" . Anyway, it's not mess - it's art
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I sing in public, sometimes without realizing it.
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