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new vet

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took maverick to a new vet today and had the most positive vet experience ever!

the vet was so nice and friendly and maverick really took a shine to her.

problem is maverick has been on and of sitting by the front door for the past few hours since we got back meowing. she has also been climbing back in her cat carrier, something she has never done before!

does she want to go back to the vets? i picked her up and took her out the front to have a look incase there was something interesting her outside(holding her tightly so she couldnt wriggle away) and she squirmed to go back inside.

strange little thing!
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Not sure, but I'm glad you found a vet you both like.
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Oh, this is absolutely so incredibly wonderful for you and Maverick!Sierra and I are hopping the first plane to London, we need your Vet!
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lol- you'd be more than welcome stephanie!

it really makes a difference having a vet you both like. she was so gentle with maverick whilst the old vet just seemed to wrench her around

she cried by the front door for ages last night but seems to have stopped now. i guess she enjoyed her little adventure.
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Oh thats great that you've found a good vet!.

I love mine because they chat away to Rosie and Sophie if they have to go

No idea why Maverick was crying though, except Sophie does that a lot at my bedroom door because it's always closed and the wardrobe door in their room.

If i'm on the computer she can sit at either of those doors crying and i have to get up and open them just so she can have a wander in to satisfy her curiosity!!.

It seems to be because their out of bounds that she just "has" to be in so maybe thats Maverick?!.
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I got the feeling that Hans wanted to go back to the vets after his first visit there. He was just acting strange, and kept trying to find the carrier. (I have to hide it because Mer is afraid of it.) He had been such a grump to mom and me before the vet visit, and once I got him there he was purring and rubbing the vet and vet techs. All I had gotten up to that point was growling, hissing, and getting swatted at. I think he was trying to say "I like those people! Take me back! Take me back!". (Unfortunately, after his bladder surgery, he hates the vet's office, too. Sigh.)
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I've posted about Daisy before - she is the one that's afraid of everything - but at the vet's she has a good explore round, sniffs at everything and seems quite bold. It's definitely the vet that makes the difference - there are several who work at the surgery we use, and without fail, all have been very good with the cats. I would trust them implicitly with my animals, and there are not many people who would get that trust...
I'm glad for you and your cat that you've found such a lovely vet to go to.

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