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sexing cats (i.e. I'm DUMB...lol)

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I cannot figure out if the sex of this siamese I have (found here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...517#post536517 ) is a boy or a girl for sure...or if he or she is neutered or spayed.

Being a marsupial breeder I'm used to just looking at a tummy and seeing if there is either a pouch or a pom pom, to tell what sex the animal is. and I bought my one and only cat Alex from the humane society...who told me right off bat she was a she...so i never really needed to know how to sex cats before...so don't think I'm a horrible owner who has not done research on owning my cat, lol...I just...well...I'm a marsupial breeder for crying out loud...I know nothing about reproductive and naughty regions in felines. heh.

OT: man, this board is addicting!

Thank you! :o)

Luv Anne
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Hi Anne,

ok, look below the tail. You will see right below the tail the anus on all cats both male and female. Look below the anus. If you see another small opening but vertical instead f round about a 1/2" below the anus then you have a girl. If you don't find the second opening but find about 1" below the anus two big roundish testicles you have an unneutered male. If you found what looks like two little fur covered appendages or loosely attached growths (they can be very hard to see), you have a neutered male. It is next to impossible to determine via appearance if the cat has been spayed or not unless you are able to identify the scar - and even then there is no guarantee it wasn't for another type of surgery. If the cat is female and comes into heat, then you know she wasn't spayed. Signs of heat include loud and constant 'calling', rubbing affectionately against anyone and anything, rolling around on the floor and sticking her rear end up in the air at any touch or provocation. It is rather apparent:-).

Some of the cat books have excellent illustrations. If you still have trouble, you can check out one of the books at the library, buy one of the books, or take her to a vet:-).

Hope that helps.

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dont know if this is true but the shapes of the faces are different for either sex. girl cats (so i've heard) have more heart shaped faces i think.

i read it of this link http://www2.b3ta.com/hecatorshecat/ - lol
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