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A question about the Drinkwell Pet Fountain

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Recent blood tests on my 10-year-old cat, Snowball, have shown that he is in the very early stage of kidney disease. My vet recommended a special diet, which Snowball is now on, and that he should be encouraged to drink water.

To encourage Snowball to drink water, I ordered a Drinkwell Pet Fountain, and it arrived today. Snowball was a little unsure at first, but he did drink from it a couple of times with encouragement.

My question is: I am concerned that the fountain may run dry if I leave it running while I am at work. If the flow rate is set at the minimum position, and the fountain is full of water, how many hours will it be able to run without any problems?

Thanks in advance.
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The Drinkwell Fountain also has a reservoir you can buy. It's extra. I doubt the well will run dry in the time you are at work. I had a cheaper model that I bought out of a Lillian Vernon catalog. It didn't have a reservoir. I kept it running while I was at work and it never ran dry as long as I changed the water in it on a daily basis. To be sure it doesn't run dry, I'd check out the reservoir. It might be worth the extra money.

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I have mine running everyday opened to the fullest stream and I've never had a problem with it going completely dry. If you've ever owned a fish tank and heard the filter spitting when it is first started up that is how it sounds but it still keeps running what water it can thru it. I fill mine about once every couple of days but that is because i have four cats and a really dry house. I used to unplug it when i left the house but I dont' anymore and haven't had any problems with it. I am very glad I got it and the cats like it too. (they still like the sink better but what are ya gonna do!? LOL!)
I am glad they have access to clean filtered water everyday and that they are happy(or seem to be anyway) with it.
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I bought the extra resavoir for my Drinkwell Fountain but don't use it because I would prefer that their water be fresher. I just pour a little bit of water into the bowl part of the fountain each morning and have never run out even though I have 5 cats! The only time I use the extra tank is when I will be out of town a couple of days.
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I have 2 Drinkwell water fountains. Both times I bought the extra resevoir. Like Jugen said, the only part you have to fill it when it starts to dry out or gets low. Other than that I am really happy with it. I bought both of mine thru Ebay. I think it is the best invention for cats & water! :jarswim:
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Can you order these on line? I think it would be a gopod additon to our house! (7 kitties)
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I ordered mine online through Petsmart.
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Thanks Lorie! Think I will order one for the babes.......
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