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Is this just rhetoric or....?

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I heard this sound byte on Rush today. I won't comment on his reaction to it. It was Howard Dean making a prepared speech in his bid for head of the DNC. It was actually him speaking, not just Rush saying that he said it, just to assuage those thoughts.

Originally Posted by Howard Dean
I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.
So I'm asking the Democrats here, with no ill intentions just a genuine concern I guess... Is this just rhetoric to get the hard left to lean in his direction or is this the direction that you, as Democrats, would like the party to go in? Is the gap between the parties grown so wide as to harbor hatred toward the other?

I'll be totally honest in saying that I have never following the changing of the guard per se in the RNC, so I have no idea if that type of rhetoric is used, and how venomous it gets. I can say for myself, while I disagree with the means to the end, I honestly feel like every political party in America wants the overall same ends...a prosperous America and an environment where the American people can be prosperous in all aspects of their lives. I certainly don't hate the Democrats and what they believe, I just don't agree with it.
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The hard left already leans in Dean's direction - they feel that Kerry was way too soft during the election and they wanted Dean to run against Bush.

Is there a rift between the supporters of the major parties in the U.S.? Absolutely, but I think it stems from the rhetoric that comes out of both parties. Hate is a very strong word and so often overused in generalizations.

I dislike the way that the current administration has swung to the far right - way beyond any traditional conservative values. I hope that Dean doesn't try to swing the democratic party to the far left. I don't want to see the next election become the clash of the titans.

From a moderate democrat.....
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I'm a Republican and I can honestly say that I'm not suprised by that at all. One would think that more people are middle of the road then extreme left or extreme right. I think that sends the wrong message as to what the Democratic party stands for and electing Dean head of the DNC would be a huge mistake. JMHO.
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