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First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say

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First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say

This story just floored me, especially the following quote:

Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

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That's appalling! Oddly enough, I had a discussion about "freedom of speech" with one of my classes today, due to some neo-Nazis (NPD) taking as much advantage as possible of it recently in Saxony's state legislature. The class was composed almost entirely of Germans (one girl is Russian, and another is half-French), and most of them felt that that right should be restricted if the motive was to "incite hatred" (a crime here; those displaying swastikas, writing or distributing neo-Nazi literature, Ku Klux Klan-like groups, etc., can be prosecuted). That particular class is forced to read newspapers, because they're training to be translators.
I'd like to know how many of the students polled actually read newspapers, and if that would've influenced their responses.
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My son is in 9th grade and his school is so worried about the kids scoring high on math and reading tests,that science and s.s. is left behind. My son is in honors and when he talks to some of his friends in the neighborhood, they have no idea what he is saying, so I can imagine how bad their classes are. I place the blame on the schools( I know some will disagree), but they are so busy with test scores they have forgot how to really educate our children.
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Just another of the many problems plaguing schools anymore.
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In my senior year (I graduated 2003) I took American Government. The teacher made us read the chapter then would give us an outline to copy. He would repeat the same couple of lines of the outline to the class atleast 3 or 4 times each and very slowly. Then we were allowed to use that outline to take tests.

In my marketing class we were allowed to take tests with the book!!

And kids still failed!!!!!!!!!
There is no reason why everyone shouldn't have gotten a perfect score!!

And it's not like I was in remedial classes or anything. It seems as though a lot of kids have no interest in learning or furthering their education. In turn, the teachers have a hard time teaching. Which makes them teach only what they have to and very easily so the kids will pass. (or atleast this is how it seems to me)
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It's such a loss of spirit. It's sad and scary.
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