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Shampoo Wipes

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My new Kitty "Tigger" is a little dirty. She was living with 13 cats and she's such a cuddlepuss I'm sure she has their dander all over her. She makes me itch like CRAZY. I was hoping to try to bathe her, but I don't have a death wish so I was thinking I'd try those bath wipe thingies. But do they actually work? I ordered some antiallergy ones, but she still smells like her Foster mom's cigarettes so I think its time for something more cleaning oriented. Will the wipes work? Or should I save my money?

Oh and she was spayed about a week ago, any special precautions I should take Re: bathing?
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I think you should give her a full bath. The wipes won't get to the roots of her fur, which is where most of the smell is stored.
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I'd bathe her, but I'd call the vet first. Bathing with an incision could be problematic. I know when I've had stitches I've had to keep them dry as much as possible.
If you're allergic to dander, my vet reccomended some stuff called "Allerpet C"...which apparently her sister uses and is very good. I just got my bottle today and am planning on using it when I take Chester to my very allergic boyfriends house for a week. Would you like me to message you, and let you know if it works??
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I would definately give her a bath but I would wait until a few weeks have passed since she was just spayed. Maybe you could use the wipes for now and in a month give her a bath. I would just be concerned that even though you try to keep her calm in the bath she might fight you and you don't want to end up accidently grabbing her tummy and hurting the surgery site.
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That's a good idea , I will go ahead and use the wipes tonight and wait until she's healed for a full bath. My hands feel filmy after I touch her and I just have to do something. I think the smell is making intros with my other kitty more difficult too.

Oo and please do PM me if that Allerpet C stuff works. My boyfriend and I are both mildly allergic, and my hepa doesn't help with post cuddle itchies.
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will do! I hope that the wipes work, or at least enough to make it tollerable for awhile. Chester carried the humane society smell with him for close to a week after I got him. I'm so glad he smells like me now.
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I bathe both of my cats regularily and it's not bad at all. I know that's not always the case though. Also, I have used a waterless shampoo that works well and you don't have to dry them as much as when they get completely soaked. My one cat, Koa even enjoyed a light blow-dry! Good luck!
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