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My water baby!!

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Over the past couple of weeks I have "trained" Bakker to drink out of our bathroom faucet. He loves watching the water drip. I showed him the bathtub faucet too where he will stand below and drink. Anyhow last night I thought I would use the whirlpool tub to get some steam going for my sinuses. Well he was sitting on the deck just watching the water and the bubbles. I leave to go to bedroom and come back-I thought Oh he jumped off-no he walked around by the faucet and was wet up about a good 2 inches on his front paws. In an other second or two he would have fell in-I probably had a good 10 inches of water in there!!
About an hr and a half later Neil & I were both in bathroom. He again jumped on the deck, and jumped in (tub was empty). The jets turned on at that time to blow out lines-I never saw him move so fast. I had a towel that he grabbed ahold of and climbed out-did he run-NO!! He turned around and looked in the tub to see what was going on!!
What a kitty!!
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Wow! Your kitty has guts! My cat is afraid of a foot massager!!!
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Becareful what you show them because Megan turned the faucet on last Thursday or Friday morning. Luckily, I was there and saw her do it. Lord knows I don't need the water running all day while I'm at work.
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My cat loved to watch me when i was in the bath tub and lick the bubbles.
Now we only have a shower but he is scared of it
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That's cute!
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Hunter and Cougar love water. I don't let them drink from the faucet, or I would never see the end of that. One time, Hunter was carefullyu examining the tub where I had taken a bubble bath. He misjudged the depth of the water and fell in. Another time, Cougar was sitting on the edge of the tub, and his tail kept dipping in the water.

Silly kittenz.
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Dushka has always loved to drink from a tap, though Ellie ignores them. Now Persil is learning from Dushka, as she keeps watching her and then jumping up and putting her paw under the water, walking round it to look from different angles and obviously wondering how she dare actually put her head under!
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