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Help! Sick Cat!

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I have a 14 year old Maine Coon siamese mix. He is adorable. His name is Bear. About a week ago we noticed black stuff in his ears so we took him to the vet on Friday thinking he had mites. She checked him and said he did not have mites but did have an ear infection. She gave me Clavamox to give him twice a day and some ear drops to give twice a day.

Ever since we have been giving him these medicines he has been acting really weird. His ears have totally cleared up (they started by cleaning them at the vet) and he is not scratching anymore, but he is VERY lethargic, is eating very little, cannot walk straight (falls over) and seems very disoriented. He will purr if I pick him up and he likes to be held tight and be comforted. I am hoping it is just some sort of vertigo-like reaction to the drops (or the Clavamox??). He is going back to the vet today but any advice would be great. I ha ve stopped the drops and the Clavamox as of today because his behavior is freaking me out.
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Sounds to me like he had a stroke, and it isn't a reaction to clavamox unless it is an extreme reaction. With his age and his symptoms, I would be getting this guy to a vet rather quickly-
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Poor Bear. Good idea to stop the medication. I think the best thing you can do is get him to the vet as soon as possible today.

Good Luck!
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We just got back from the vet and it was good news thank God...Bear has an inner ear infection that was made worse by the drops and he basically has vertigo "from hell right now" as the doctor put it. The vet told us to stop the oral antibiotic (not necessary) and to use new ear drops called Baytril. I will keep you updated.
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