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My cat Berty

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I lost my Chocolate point siamese cat recently to a cancer.... i want him back...
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Jack- I am sorry about your loss. Berty must have been a special fur baby. When you are ready, plese share more about him with us.
You are in my thoughts - loss is not easy.
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thank you for your reply debra... yes u are right berty was my special baby.. he was the first siamese i ever owned as i rescued him from violance and torture, and he was just the best cat i have ever owned. he was always there for me when i got in from work.. he had the special bond with me that all animals shud have with their owners. He died with fear and terror in his heart... i wish i cud have stopped that

hes in a better place now...
jack the cat
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Hi Jack,

Berty is free of suffering now and you gave him a happy life and a lot of love... Think about all the good moments you had together... these will never go...

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I know what you mean. I lost my best friend about 2 years ago and still miss him like you can't believe. Every time I talk about him or write about him I get upset. God I miss him.
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I am so sorry you loosing your best companion . My heart is going out to you (((( HUGS ))))
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i'm sorry for your loss... please know that all of us here would feel the same way you do...
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I'm so sorry
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I am SO, SO sorry for you, and I KNOW how you feel--I REALLY do! Anyone who has truly loved a pet, knows that you never get over losing them--you just adjust to it over time... He HAS to be in such a good place, and TRY to remember all the love and caring YOU did give to your little kitty. It was not for nothing--and YOU made his life a lot better!
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I too am sorry for your loss of a dear friend.

He's at the Rainbow Bridge now waiting for you without fear or harm to him. He knows you did your best for him, giving him the love and attention he never had before. And it is ok to grieve, he very much knew that you loved him, so take care of yourself and remember the good time you two had together...that memories will never fade.

Please keep in touch.

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