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Living in the Danger Zone

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We were watching the new Discovery Channel special on Pompei and the host was talking to the people who are in the direct path of the volcano when it blows again. They know the dangers, and that it is an active volcano that will blow again, but they still stay. It made me wonder...what risks are you willing to take to live in the "right" place?

Personally, I'm always amazed at the people who build those huge homes on the coast of California, where they know there will be mudslides, and still act surprised when their home slides into the sea...right on top of the last house that was built there. Or the people who live right on a river and can't believe they got flooded. Or the people who build a home in the mountains around here, refuse to do basic fire prevention like clearing out trees next to their houses and cleaning up the underbrush and then cannot believe that a forest fire destroyed their home. I mean, there are always unexpected disasters of mother nature's design but some people are just setting themselves up. I wouldn't expect for no one to live in Florida because there could be hurricanes, or for no one to live in the mid-west because of tornados. Then again...if or when Mt. Rainier erupts, the whole Seattle-Tacoma area could well be wiped out.
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Well, some people drive their cars like crazy and they know very well how dangerous that is. Or what about jaywalkers?
Maybe it's that "it'll never happen to me" way of thinking.
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Just wanted to say that we recorded that last night (on Pompeii) but never got to finish it... I don't know, personally I wouldn't want to risk getting wiped out by a volcano or earthquake...
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anywhere. Those who have the ability to rebuild will just keep on rebuilding they really don't care, but there are those who can't move, because they just can't. I live near New orleans , louisiana, and the scientists predict one day there is going to be a major hurricane here,but you see people builing these houses that cost a fortune in areas that will be wiped out, I don't know why. For Hurricane Ivan we left the state,and are trying to move out of it for good, but for my family we just don't have the money and then we have to think where we go, and how to find a job, where to life ect...... It is not as easy as it sounds. If it was up to me I would be out of here today, it is a horrible place to raise children, but I can't and hopefully I will soon.
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There are actually very few places on earth that are "safe" and even those have certain risks attached. The real reason we don't all live in the "safe" places is that there are too many people on earth. Seriously, we hit the quota like a hundred years ago....there's nowhere to put them all except in these dangerous zones. Somebody has to live there.
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I didn't watch the Pompei show, but most of the Discovery Channel disaster shows leading up to it (it must have been natural disaster day at Discovery yesterday!). There was a show earlier that talked about the massive volcano potential at Yellowstone National Park (it's on a massive caldera).

Everyplace has some danger, I think it's just a matter of accepting the dangers that you are comfortable with. I live in tornado alley (our house was hit by one a few years back) and have gotten used to that. I couldn't live in California due to my fear of quakes. I didn't like living in the gulf coast because of the potential for hurricanes and hated the northern midwest because of the big snowfalls.

I think it is stupid to not be aware of the natural disaster dangers in an area before you move there.
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I agree that overpopulation contributes to the problem. The question is, is any place "safe"? Is there any part of the U.S., for example, where there's no danger of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, landslides, forest fires, earthquakes, blizzards, volcanoes, droughts, pests, blights, or the like? Now scientists are speculating on the risk of a tsunami in the Atlantic - bye-bye, east coasts of North, Central, and South America!
It snowed in the Sahara this past weekend, and many people died of exposure, or in traffic accidents or gas explosions. Life is just full of adversities, many of them due to the "elements", and that's probably why most human beings have an innate "It won't happen to me!" attitude. As a species, we've learned denial.
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20/20 did a special report on those people who live in flood zones and build their huge houses right on the shore. Quite a number (esp the shore homes) have federal flood policies. At the time, the federal policies were cheaper than the private policies. With flood coverage, you pay a relatively small premium and get paid to rebuild your home once it is destroyed. (I say relatively small cause it IS more expensive than regular homeowners, but it is still less than $1.00/$1000.00 of coverage.
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Just wanted to say, we finished watching that show today. While we were watching it, my boyfriend didn't seem to find anything wrong with living near the volcano... saying that you can't live in fear. He'll have quite a time trying to convince me of that!
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I was glued to the Pompeii show last night, too! Scientists say it's only a matter of time, and the scary part is modern technology or not, if it's the big one they estimate only 7-10 minutes time to escape. Nobody's getting too far in that time frame.
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Here's what got me about living in that particular area...

When the government offers you $40,000 to pick up and leave because they don't want anyone to live there....it's time to go!

Yes, there are inherent dangers from mother nature living anywhere, but there are still come places I wouldn't risk it. Living at the base of Vesuveus is one of those places.
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I wouldn't willingly move into a danger zone. But danger can be found at the next intersection....
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Everyplace has some sort of danger. Though I must say, living in FL just seems silly to me. Rebuild your house once, fine, okay, but when you have to rebuild it a second time, its time to move!
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