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My long lost Poetry

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HI, I was sitting here thinking of all the poems I have written long time ago and I would like to share some with you. I would also like to read any poems written by other members.
So here we go. Some are tense so I wont post them, but I can send them in Privet messages if you are interested. Reading some of these poems I wrote pretty much made me cry. Some I wrote from photos some are true.
Around the world
You can go around the world as many times you want in search of the
perfect person for you, but you'll find out
that it'll lead you no where
but in circles,
looking for a lover thats no where in sight
is a bad sight indeed,
for when you realize it your lover to be
is rigt in front of you,
it's not that you can't see them,
it's the fact that your to busy looking for someone
to call your own, the person your looking for is just a
breath away
and you to blind to see it.
Lazy Cat
How lazy can you get.
Look at your fat little tummy,
Siting around and do nothing all day long,
no wonder your so big and cuddly.
oh get up my big silly kitten,
My study is no place to play,
OH!! you silly kitten
how many time must I pick you
from my trash bin?
Now look at this mess.
Is this anouther one of your tests?
Now now my love
out of my paint drawer.
Red, pink, and blue paw prints
all over my floor and desk,
how will i ever get it out?
You lazy kitten go sit on the window
and look out at the sky.
Go off and dream in your silly ways,
go on and dream of more troublesome ways
to make me laugh.
nov 02
The gentle caressing from a
Loving hand.
The loving voice from a
Gentle heart.
The gentle heart of a
Loving, caring person.
What type of person can be
All these wonderful thing's?
The only type that's all of those
Is a loving Mother.
Sent from above to take
Care of you and me.
Why fight

I hear it day and night
I'm sick of you two fighting
over simple little thing
words are exchanged that aren't
ment to be said
Why can't ya'll just sit down
and compromise instead
it's better than arguing.
They hurt each other
by the harsh words spoken.
But for all I know it hurts
me to see them fight.

A While Longer

I see you sitting there everyday
all alone
You never seem to bother
being alone.
But from time to time I see you
talking and hanging around some people.
But then wonder off again to be
all alone
I guess you try as hard as you can
to fit in
To be part of a crowd
To have some friends
To be somebody
To figure out
who you are
deep inside.
I thought about going over to say hi
but then changed my mind
and just decided to leave you alone
like i see you every day
I didn't think you'd mind
me not coming by
to say hi
I just though you wouldnt mind
being alone for awhile long
while go say hi to a few friends
of mine
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Thank you for sharing. Those were very nice!
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White island dragon
Flying high abouve the world
I cant believe the beauty of it all
the wind blowing the water into
waves that beat against the rocky island
i see below, its lined with sharp jagged rocks
that will kill if falling from above,
circling this island, it feels at home to me
so dark and mysterious looking as my ways
to compare
the rocks are sharp like my teeth and talons
the island is all alone to my life the same
a lone dragon is my way, i will travel about
leaving those is shame, who care to think
to join me, but denied the right.
so i circle this rocky island to make my home to
live here at all costs to guard as if
a mother dragon guards here clutch of eggs
and early hatchlings.
this is my home no one can push me away from here
for i am the white dragon of the island
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This is a poem i wrote a few years ago when i had been chatting to someone on here for quite a while.
And now,we are happily married!

Hello,was that the first word said
a word without any sound
how could i know
that from one simple word
my greatest love would be found

a conversation,that no one could hear
a message on a screen
not knowing who
you really were
but becoming the one in my dreams
a feeling that i couldnt shake off
the way you made me feel
to meet would be
the only way
to see if this was real
the moment came,to see the face
beyond the words unspoken
to see if what
had passed our way
was something to be broken

and there we were,stood face to face
not knowing what to say
just staring,searching
for the truth
on this,the judgement day

the time passed us by so quickly
tho many words were said
and all to soon
you had to go
confused thoughts in my head

we were standing there so closely
i didnt want to part
you held me so close
in your arms
i knew you had my heart
that was just the beginning
of a love that grew and grew
but how could i explain
to you
that i already knew

i already knew i loved you
tho i still dont understand
it happened
oh so quickly
just like all this had been planned

so now we are together
who knows what the future holds
is it upto
you and me
or is this tale already told?
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am I right?
I thought If I did it again
I would be in trouble, right?
I thought if I started to belive that no one cared
I would be wronge, right?
I thought one time wouldn't hurt
I would be wronge, right?
I thought I could think it over and over and I would do it
I will never do it it again, right?
I can always remeber all teh times I was hurt by them
I would hurt from those thoughts, right?
When I am put down by some one I love
I should tell them it was wronge, right?
If I stayed here longer
could I help anouther, right?
If I said I wrote this for some help
would you help me, am I right?
If I was a stranger nad wanted to talk to you
Would you talk to me?
If you would help me would you talk with me
and not recomend a Doctor.
How can you help some one you don't even know?
If you saw someone crying would you help them or just walk away
no knowing if teyare in pain?

How can you?
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