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My dinner was yummy...

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Dinner tonight was Chicken Asparagas Bake.

Sounds dorky, but it's absolutely delightful, and very easy to make. It's got chicken, rice, asparagas (or other veggie handy), prosicutto, olives, onions, garlic and stuffing, with a light sour cream sauce, all in one baking dish.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo yummy, and pretty healthy, too. Well balanced, great protein, and no additional fats, and so easy.

What did you make for dinner? And was it as good as mine?

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Um, I guess I worked for about an hour to make our dinner...Burger King. Nope, not nearly as good as yours!
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Pizza and wings. Was ok but not great by any means.
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Unexciting tonight -- frozen chicken pies, and corn. More than tolerable, but not gourmet. Sometimes "fast" is the name of the game.
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We had corned beef and cabbage. I would have rather had yours! Sounds yummy!
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Wow Michele your meals always sound great - when can I come over again?

I ate dinner with my boyfriend and his parents at Applebees. Chicken fingers... not very good.
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Wow Michelle, sounds delicious!

It was too hot to cook last night so we had ham sandwhiches but we are just about to go around to mums boyfriends for Roast Chicken. Yum.
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