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Aw I should invest in relaxing music - for the cats AND me.

Uh no Polka or Texas 2-Step, thanks!
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I'll send you a little thing about where I got one of Sierra's, Ari, you may like it.
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Looking forward to it!
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Originally Posted by GratefulBear629
In Flames is amazing. I've seen them 3 or 4 times now. Just a shame that you listed all the other bands....

for some good metal try... slayer, metallica, megadeth, king diamond, children of bodom, cradle of filth, opeth, dimmu borgir, overkill, etc
Yeah In Flames is my favorite to listen to right now. Man made God = amazing!!! doesn't even need lyrics
I'll check out Opeth, children of bodom and Overkill. I've listened to the others and like em, but they're just not on my list these days.

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Sierra wanted me to be sure to add she really loves her The Healing Harp CD Sasha sent her!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Sorry to be such a hog in this thread, I will shut up.
But Stephanie is so right -- I listen to the dolphin music that belongs to Sasha!
(In my worst Monty Python English accent) Nope. Sorry. There will be no shutting up allowed in this thread at all.
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A mix of everything from country and eighties to pop and rock.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
(In my worst Monty Python English accent) Nope. Sorry. There will be no shutting up allowed in this thread at all.
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My sister likes Modest Mouse, The Hives, groups of the like.

I think I'm slowly driving my upstairs and downstairs neighbors insane though. When I'm cleaning, taking a shower, cooking myself dinner, on the computer, the tv is on Music Choice - Electronica (Uncensored). Subwoofer level set to 4 (max), volume up...enjoy.

Also...useless fact...

Every other forum I've been on... this smiley: is called hump.
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So far today: Solar Twins, Susheela Raman, Belly. I've been thinking about listening to Biff Naked, but it's not on my iPod and the CD's at home.
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I think its good to listen to a variety... yesterday I downloaded a bunch of stuff from the 80's and not the hair bands either ... some Fishbone, Ween and Echo and the Bunnymen.... some music just always sounds good... even after a long time period... Bread reminds me of being a little girl and hanging with my Dad... good stuff
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I must admit I am a sucker for 80s music -- Journey, Depeche Mode, The Cure, David Bowie, Duran Duran, INXS, Prince, Debbie Gibson, New Kids on the Block!!!
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Today: Liquid Mind (ambient), Aimee Mann, Biff Naked, Better Than Ezra and various pop singles.

How do you find new, interesting music? My husband is a musician (among other things) and is constantly checking out new bands/singers. He's responsible for 99% of the new music brought into the house.
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a little bit of everything
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For today!
i downloaded.

Michael Gray - the weekend.
I like this song because the first girl in the film clip i really liked her outfit and her hair!
Im going to dye my hair like that when i get the chance
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Well I have to resurrect this thread after I found some newer music I like. I watched the movie "28 Days Later" two Fridays ago and was searching for music that was in the movie. There was a band called Grandaddy that had part of their song played during the movie. It didn't seem that catchy at the time, but since I was looking for any music from the movie I found the Granaddy track and ended up liking so much that I began listening to more of their music. They rule! Check them out! A few of their good songs are:

A.M. 180 (From the movie 28 Days Later. It's a cool and catchy song after all.)
The Crystal Lake (Another awesome song.)
Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake (I looooooooooooooooove this song! The lyrics aren't serious, but really interesting in a weird way and make you want to sing along every time. love it!!!)

Anyway, I didn't see anyone mention Grandaddy in the thread responses, but this reminds me that I should check out some of the bands mentioned. I always used to try something new or different when I had a good underground music store to go to, but then years ago I started working away from home and let it slide. -almost shut it out. I never should have done that.
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Yesterday and today I've been listening to Delerium. I have Karma , Poem , and Chimera loaded on my iPod.
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Sade, Dave Matthews Band, Dvae Koz, Allman Brothers, Leann Rimes, Jimmy Buffett, Tim McGraw, and 50 Cent. Random, thy name is Amy
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Hot 97 Volume 43, DJ Precise Reggaeton Volume 1, Linkin Park/ Jay Z Collision Course, and a couple of mixed CD's that Adrian made for me...
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Only a mixed CD at the moment because the puppies chewed most of our collection up!
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I guess I have a mix of new and old.

The Postal Service
Garden State soundtrack
Modest Mouse
Michael Jackson (80's)
Janet Jackson
Sondre Lerche
David Bowie
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Sade, Dave Matthews Band, Dvae Koz, Allman Brothers, Leann Rimes, Jimmy Buffett, Tim McGraw, and 50 Cent. Random, thy name is Amy
The Allman Brothers went to my high school. Of course, a long, long, long time before me! My boyfriend's dad was a couple of years behind Greg Allman, but they knew each other. So they're grads of Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach, FL just like me. YAY.
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I have a bunch of 80's music on my hard drive or I will listen to the online 80's station's or classic rock. Sometimes I will even listen to disco (I know I'm strange).
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Tim McGraw, and 50 Cent.
what a combo
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Just got done updating my playlist so I figured I'd update this thread :

Joshua Radin
Cary Brothers
The Killers - I downloaded their whole album, legally of course!
Doves - Caught by the River
The Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends
Modest Mouse - Float On
Spoon - The Way We Get By
The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping
Finley Quaye - Roll the Dice
Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky

If you watch the show The O.C. or Scrubs you'll recognize a lot of those songs!
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My play list...

Currently I've been listening to a lot of David Bowie, Joy Division, Rascall Flats (I can't spell today so forgive me if that's mispelled.), Nine Inch Nails, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, and strangely enough The Seasme Street Soundtract.
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