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In need of help - Cat Skin disorder

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About 9 months ago I went and got a cat for my wife from the humaine society and since then I've had nothing but problems. This was my wifes first cat so it means alot to her and I've tried helping in anyway I can to get this cat healthy.

When we first got Lilly she had ringworm (which I didn't know but found out the hard way). Between vet bills and doctor bills, I spent over 600 getting this cleared up. I began to notice some balding behind her ears which the vet told me was normal when they had ring worm. After the ring worm went away, the balding seem to go away.

We recently got married and moved into a appartment with the cats. Alex, the other cat hasn't had any of the problems Lilly has. I'd say about four months ago Lilly began itching more frequently and she started to get clumps of baldness underneath her neck. We took her to the vet and he said "It looks like a food allergy." We've spent hundreds of dollars in vet bills trying to figure out what she has and if it is even curable. I feel like the vet has been dragging me through the dirt because nothing he's suggested has worked.
Lilly is now on a duck and pea diet (Alex is as well so they both have the same food) and the problem only seems to be getting worse. I'm hoping someone out there might have a clear answer for us because my wife keeps getting more and more upset as Lilly gets worse.

I took this picture today to illustrate what it is I'm talking about.

If anyone has any information on this, please reply. Also, Lilly also has bumps all over her body, they almost feel like scabs.

Thanks for any information,

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Oh poor Lilly - that looks horrible! Sorry I'm afraid I have no idea what that would be, hopefully another member can come along and help you out... but did you ever think of taking your cat to a different vet, to see if someone else might be able to help you out better? If I had gone through so much money with no result, I would be thinking of a second opinion, you know?

Good luck!
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Did you by chance flea treat your cats with a product you bought someplace other than the vet? Did she have a flea collar on? Bumps on the skin are sometimes caused by flea allergies, or allergies to treatment from fleas, that are not considered effective flea treatments.

Your kitty needs a feline specialist to do a scraping and find out just exactly what is causing this problem- poor kitty!
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My Mom's cat Chia, had similar bald spots. They weren't on her neck, but around the base of her back (where the tail starts) and on her tummy (she would constantly lick the area). Turns out Chia had a flea allergy. She was given a shot (I think it was a steroid shot) and antibiotics. She also had to wear those cone things around her neck so she wouldn't lick her back or tummy. My Mom switched her from Adavantage to Frontline Plus. It's been 6 months and Chia is back to normal and full of fluff.
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By any chance is Lily eating or drinking out of a plastic dish or container? Does she wear any type of a collar? Even the 'fabric' ones actually contain a type of plastic. My cat Bear had something very similar that didn't respond to treatment - and we tried a lot of them - until I started to remove the plastic that was in his environment - dishes, toys, and such. It started to respond but not completely until I also removed the break away collar. That is when I found out that the collars are actually a synthetic fiber. Some cats have an allergy to plastic and it manifests in a variety of ways from bald spots to raised bumps and active dermatitis. Something to consider, anyway. My vet was skeptical until Bear started to respond. She wanted to biopsy the site but in retrospect agreed that he probably was allergic to plastic. I also found the area responded well to being washed with pau d'arco tea - you can buy the ground up root at health food stores, just use a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water, let it cool, then use it as a wash.

Good luck.

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My guess would be just what hissy and mikonu said... possible flea allergies, or allergies to flea medicine. Have you put any type of stuff on her? Hope all gets better! Hugs!
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- The vet had checked her twice for fleas doing a comb and found nothing.

- Lilly drinks from a stainless steal bowl and eats from a plastic bowl in the morning. The cats have a ton of toys though. Almost all of them are plastic.

- I've considered seeing another vet, but this vet I'm seeing was suppose to be the best around here : / .

Thanks for all your replies. I'll try taking plastic out of the equation and see if that helps any.

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Dramin, even though the vet you are seeing now is "the best in town", it's always good to get a second opinion.
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I know it can be frustrating at times....just hang in there. Even the best vets will have a hard time with dermatology because there are so many differentials. I don't know where you are located, but I would try and find a specialist. The office visits can sometimes be more expensive, but in the long run it saves some money. They can generally come up with an answer much faster than a general practice vet.
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Dramin, please listen to what HISSY has suggested as soon as possible. The poor kitty must be so uncomfortable.

My Angel has severe food allergies and is on a "very" special diet. I understand how frustrating it all can be. Just think of what your cat is going through though.

Get her the help she needs.
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Dramin: I agree that it may be a flea allergy. Has the vet ruled out scabies?
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I can't believe how much your cat looks like mine. I have been living the same nightmare you have. Everyone, if Dramin has gone through with vets what I have, I have had my cat to 4 different vets, we have done every kind of skin test possible, eliminated the possibility of all kinds of parasites. We have tried several kinds of drugs. We have tried prednisone, that used in excess causes liver damage. We have done all the food allergies trials.

I have spent so much money on vet bills. I have taken her to a cat specialist and done everything a "responsible" pet owner can do. I can't afford more. I have friends that are sure that if I took her to their vet, that because their vet is the best in the world, they can cure her. I have considered de-clawing her back claws even though most vets do not advise doing that. But even if we declawed her, she would still lick and chew her skin.

I came onto this forum to hope to find answers. I feel for all the things you have gone through. I too have gone through the same things. HOpefully we can both come up with an answer.

I would love for you to e-mail me and let me know what you have found out.

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The only thing I've seen at the shelter where I volunteer that's close to the picture you posted is when one of our cats had an allergic reaction to the flea medication we use. (It was either Frontline or Advantage. I never found out which one he got.) Gavin had masses of inflammed, bald skin on the inside of each front leg that looked a lot like what was on your cat's neck. He had the reaction there from trying to get the medication off of his neck.

It could possibly be a reation to flea meds. (I don't know if you're currently treating her or not.) It could also be a reaction to some other chemical like laundry soap, fabric softner, even the cleaning supplies or dish soap.

Just wanted to throw this idea out there in case it hasn't been considered yet.
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Talk to your vet about a presciption diet food that doesn't have beef or chicken in it. I know they make one with duck, but I can't recall the name of it.
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