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Male or female?

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We'd like to get another cat, but I'm not sure if I should get a male or female one; since we have a female cat. Some articles and people have said female, then others say male. Which gender?
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Personally I don't think gender matters - what matters is the personality of the individual cats. Mine came into the house as:

Male (passed away after female #2 came to live with us)

I didn't go out and think about the order - it just happened. Good luck on finding the cat that has a personality that matches you and your household!
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I agree with Tracey. I wouldn't worry about gender if you don't already havea strong gender preference. I've had both males and females...both are wonderful! Right now I have one female and two males. All of my cats seem to just find me in one way or another. So, I say if you like the cat's personality you can't go wrong.
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I prefer a cat with a sweet personality. mine are a little funky see( my Cats that is). As long as the make you laugh and feel loved. Thats what counts I belive

KNockes over coke cans for the fun of listening to it fizz and she bites you when she gets petted when she is mad, loves water.Squirt bottle is useless with her. Has to be carried

Tabitha (female)
She has an attitude when in heat and in the mornings, so she attackes who she wants to, But she loves to hear you whistle.

Jasmin (female)
She keeps to her self and meows and cherps

has a foot fetish and is very demanding on giving a facial and neck rubs to you, has to talk every time he enter or leaves the room and always makes a noice when jumping, likes water

Loves to suck on you ear, copies Jasmins cherps and meows. Has to be carried

Still skitish of people, loves Jasmin and copies her cherps and meows. Loves to be scratched on the chin

Loves to give kisses and has a cute purr thats deep and sounds like its vibrating, jumps on you back, loves to get under covers and sleep w/ you. Has to be carried

Babi( female)
not too kissy, will jump on your back when your no looking.Trash digger,Has to be carried
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In order to minimize problems in introducing two cats together, try and find a cat that has the opposite personality than the one you already have.
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I would go with personality of cat you are looking at. This fall when I was looking for new cat I honestly was looking for an adult female with a curious in your face type of personality. I ended up with a male kitten who had the personality I was looking for. He has blended with my three other cats fairly well too!!
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I think that it also depends on the cat. I have a female cat that was an only cat for years. When my Dad found a stray male cat and decided to keep him, he bullied her. So, when I got married, I took her with me. I recently adopted 2 female cats and she does fine with them. She doesn't do well with males, though. I think personality is a big deal, too. Shes an alpha mama, males challenged that, and she didnt like it. With the females, Smudge is hyper and Little Miss is easygoing.
See what you can find out.
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Volunteering in a shelter, I encounter people all the time who only want a specific gender to adopt. They only like males, or because they already have an elderly male at home they want a female..... It really comes down your experiances and the stories you were raised on. I had a three generation family come in who would only take a male because females were "nippy". I also had another lady who wouldn't take a male because she was convinced it would spray all over her house come mating season. I don't like to say it, because I think it's condicending, but they really are "old wives' tales".

Mix and match cats, but watch out for personality, it's all that really matters. I have three males - 9 months, 2 years, and 14 years. I wouldn't think twice about bringing the right female home to join these guys.
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Originally Posted by Nyanko
We'd like to get another cat, but I'm not sure if I should get a male or female one; since we have a female cat. Some articles and people have said female, then others say male. Which gender?
Though I love my Maddie dearly, I just believe that males, for the most part are more affectionate, IF that is what you are looking for. My two, male and female get along famously despite their huge age difference, which people warned me against, as age difference could be a negative factor. Maddie is now about a year and one half to Franzs' 9 or 10 years of age.
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Well I would pick a male. I have 6 cats; three are female and three are male.

My boycats are BY FAR friendlier, more human-loving, and outgoing. They have the 'best' personalities. They constantly want to be around us, whereas the girlcats hide. Dusty is very very very picky; she's loving and all, but only to certain people and she is just weird towards the other cats. KC only likes to be petted while it's dark and in my bed only (very antisocial). Miss Jessie we hardly ever see; she only comes out maybe 5 minutes a day; once again, an antisocial girl cat.

I vote for male cats! Mine are of course all neutered and all different ages; Hammie's 3, Zorro's 6, and Snickers is 13. However even with the difference in breeds of my boys and where they came from and the age differences? They are all so very sweet, loving, and just loaded with personality!!!

Since you have a female -- and she is used to being an "only child"... maybe judge by her personality as to the type of cat you get. If she is shy and sort of aloof, then maybe a cat who is outgoing & friendly would be good, to help pull her out of her anti-socialness. If you get a male cat to be her sibling then make sure he's neutered or there will be problems! Either way judge by the personalities of your cat & the new cat.

Out of my 6 cats, I only chose 3 myself. I picked 2 of the girls, and a boy. The other girlcat was a stray & the two boys were strays, and they adopted ME.
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