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pseudo bladder problems

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My 4yr. old cat has recently been back and forth to the vet for what I thought were bladder infections. She started peeing in the bathtub and there was blood in her urine. So after antibiotics (which didn't work) and several more urine tests, the vet has no idea why she is still having so many problems. He mentioned that her urine had an unusually acidic Ph level for a cat with bladder problems. Apparently normal cat urine has an acidic Ph and cats with bladder infections typically have more alkaline urine. The reason he found this unusual was because acidic urine will usually break down the crystallites forming in urine, not allowing the infections to progress. She has been having these problems for months now, with no solution as of yet....the vet eventually told me that some cats just have these recurring problems and so to try to treat it with food to see if it helped (it didn't). She has an appointment with a new vet this week for a second opinion, but for the last two nights she has also been pooping in the bathtub. I'm getting a little concerned that there may be something more serious wrong with her, but can't really afford many more of those extensive tests that have so far turned up nothing. I've read numerous posts that said when cats start going to the bathroom where they aren't supposed to, it can be a sign of more serious problems. Has anyone heard of anything similar to this and could offer any advice? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for any help
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Has your vet ruled in or out feline cystitis? I know that my vet made this diagnosis after tx with antibiotics did not stop the blood in the urine (no stones found), and a higher than norm wbc count (either in blood or urine, sorry can't recall which) when infection was ruled out.

A change to a canned diet only plus dosing her with glucosamine daily (per vets instructions on doseage) was how we treated my girl.

Here is an article on this: article on feline cystitis
I'm sure there are more detailed articles out there, but on a quick look, this was a decent overall article.
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Actually that site was helpful. I've read sites on the feline cystitis before, but they were long and confusing, so this site is much more concise and understandable. I can't remember if the vet said that there were struvite crystals in her urine, but they gave me Purina UR which is supposed to help break down struvite crystals. The food didn't really help, and that website said that acidic urine will disolve struvite crystals but not other kinds, so I'm thinking maybe she has the other kind. I don't know why they would give me food to break down struvite crystals after they said she had acidic urine. That doesn't make sense to me (so it's probably good I'm getting the second opinion huh....) Anyways thanks for the link and the advice...I will probably just have to wait for the other vet's opinion to find out for sure what's going on. I was just hoping I could make her more comfortable asap...I feel bad for her...and a little helpless.
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I understand feeling that way, and hope you'll have an answer after this week's vet visit. Please keep us posted, and post as often as you need,
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I just wanted to say that I was having problems with Hans for about a month. He kept urinating all over the house, and the vet thought that it was just a bladder infection or a reoccuring bladder inlammation. The small urine sample he got didn't show any problems. However, after the third trip to the vet's office (after Hans urinated blood in the bathtub) they finally decided to express his bladder, and a bunch of tiny oxalate stones showed up. No problems had shown up on the urinalisys, and the vet hadn't felt them because they were so small. (Incidently, he had surgery to get rid of the stones and is now back to normal.)

I don't know if your vet has done this already, but you might want to ask for an X-ray to rule out problems like stones. (And I'm sure that an X-ray can rule out other things as well, I just don't know what. ) It should cost around 60 dollars, and my save you from more expensive blood tests. Talk to the new vet about this.

By the way, I applaud you for seeking a second opinion!
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