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Lancome - Resurface Facial Peel

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Anyone ever tried this? They have this at my company store, and I have been thinking about trying it - but don't want to waste money (even my freebie money!)
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Well, you can get a tube of Retin-A for the same price and my doctor told me that Retin-A is more effective than anything out there on the market. You just need a prescription from your doctor for it.
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You can also get alpha-hydroxy creams and anti-wrinkle creams at Sally's (a Beauty Store chain) for much cheaper! I'd recommend you get something there if you just want something to try out.


I think you can find cheaper items at the store than on the web site, so if you can find a store near you on the "Store Locator," I would visit it.
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I'm afraid Lancome products are just another brand that make my face swell up and then dry up. So can't help you there!
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I can't use them either because theres too much perfume in them. I stick with good old Nivea
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I use their Vinefit moisturizer, and I love it. Unfortunately, the last time I bought some, I was told they were discontinuing it. Their loss.
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You might want to check out www.makeupalley.com - try going to the product reviews section & look it up. They have lots of reviews on all kinds of beauty products, and also boards where you can ask about a specific product or problem.
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Thanks for reminding me of Makeupalley - they've probably cancelled my membership - it has been that long!

I am always worried when I find something I like - they usually end up discontinuing it after I have "finally" found it!

They still have the vinefit on their website (at least some version of it).
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