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Gus the Garbage Digger

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OK we have a problem. Gus loves to get into the kitchen trash. Our kitchen is pretty darn small so a big lidded can is out of the question and I haven't seen any kitchen-sized cans with lids other than those that flop down and back when you put trash in. Also, no cupboard space to set the can in, although I am not sure that would stop him.

Any advice? Are there any products out there that may repel him from digging in there maybe? Thanks!
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Give this site a looksiehttp://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/styl...?RN=53&START=8
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I bought a kitchen size can with a lid that when you push down on a lever the lid flies open, and stays open until you push it back down at Target.
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Thanks so much for the link! I think my mom will be looking for a new trashcan soon. We've never had this problem! I mean Satey is like the best cat ever and I don't emember him getting into things like Gus does. Maybe it's that Satey has a laid-back personality.
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I have 11 cats and none of them are garbage diggers, I just think it has to do with the fact that the older ones have never touched it. I guess it's almost as if the older ones train the younger ones. The kitchen trash cans with the lids like in the link, I have seen at Target and most of the major kitchen/home stores. I am sure you could (with a lot of work) train him not to get into the trash by using the bitter sprays or by making loud noises every time he gets near the trash. If it were me, I would go buy a can they couldnt get into
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