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Fundraising Ideas, Please!

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Right, as I am in my final year at uni now, we have to (as a group) raise money for our final exhibition - Catalogue, Advertising, Refreshments etc.

We are making and selling cakes and cookies etc, but we are struggling for other good ideas!

Before Christmas, we had Mulled Wine and Mince pies that brought a bit of money in and tomorrow we are selling Sushi and Quiche as well as cookies and cakes. We will also be holding a night at a club - at some point - and have held jumble sales.

We are a bit limited as to what we can do, as we are all on student budgets and we only have our studio and lobby to sell things.

Anyway, I would love to hear all of your ideas! We have so much to make and so little time So any idea will help a lot!!

Thank you in advance!
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You could do a chinese auction. We did it as a fund rasier for my Marching Badn in High School. It worked really well. get about 10 items or so put them on a list give them a number and give everyone X number of tickets and start selling. We auctioned off gift certificates, wine, a massage, movie/theatre tickets.. stuff like that. Good luck!!!!!
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Thank you! Is that like a raffle then? I am a bit confused! it doesn't seem like an auction.

Please can you explain a bit more (i'm probably missing something - frazzled from baking SO many cookies!) I will put it forward!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Thank you! Is that like a raffle then? I am a bit confused! it doesn't seem like an auction.

Please can you explain a bit more (i'm probably missing something - frazzled from baking SO many cookies!) I will put it forward!
You know in a chinese auction you put tickets in for a cetain item you see, it's the same concept, but instead of personally seening the item, they are listed on paper.
EX: 1) $25 gift certificate to Joe's Crab Shack
2) Movie tickets
3) Phone cards
You sell tickets for the products.
EX: One ticket would read: MJ Watson (444) 555-1234 #1
Jacko Wako (333)444-5567 #2

Hopefully that makes sence. Good luck!!!
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My brother's school did that. It was an elementary school but you could fit it to your age group. They had 3 different catagories of prizes. The first catagory was small prizes worth a blue ticket. The parents donated most of these. Like some books, games, etc. The second catagory was prizes donated by local businesses worth a yellow ticket. Mostly gift certificates. The third catagory was big prizes worth a red ticket. Each grade made up their own basket (one was a spa, one a movie lovers, one a chocolate, etc.).

When you got there you could buy tickets. I believe blue were 25 cents, yellow 50 and red a dollar. You would put your name and number on the back and put it with the prize you wanted to win. At the end of the day they would draw a ticket for each prize.

They earned a couple of thousand dollars that day. (They also ran a little carnival in the gym which they could play games by buying tickets) And all the kids had a really fun time. I even won some very yummy coffee.

Hope this helps.. and good luck!!
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Ah! I see! Great ideas - I will put them forwrd to the group! Hopefully people will get things to have as prizes!

Keep the ideas coming, if you have any more!!
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Just thought I would bump this up a bit to see if anyone else had any ideas!

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we had to do the same thing for our final year exhibition and I was on the 'fundrasing committee'

selling tickets for a raffle is a great idea. Any chance you can go around to stores or such and see if they are willing to offer something and for this they will get their logo up on the wall of the exhibition or something?

I did this and went to our local brewery and asked if they could donate slabs (cases) of beer and the more they donated the more places we would put their logo... I dont know how I talked them into it but they gave us 30 slabs off beer and we sold raffle tickets for it.... the brewery got to put a banner up at the exhibition and logo on our pamphlets saying 'sponsored by....'

I will try and think of what else we did...
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One thing that we did when I was the pres of Phi Beta Lambda is have a fashion show for the local stores in our area. It was a whole lot of fun and the clothes were donated by the stores with an option for the model to buy it at a discount. We charged admission for the show, which turned out really well.

Another thing we did was a talent contest with a prize and charged admission for that too. It was cool, we were really surprised at the talent that was right under our noses all the time.
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the only thing i can thinkingof is auctioning of stuf on ebay. people would buy anything of there!

that is unless you want to open a kissing booth. lol
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I don't think a kissing booth would go down too well on Uni property!

Someone is trying the eBay thing (well, when he gets his backside into gear) but the thing is, we have to get things to sell. I might give it another shot though - as you say, people will buy anything!!

Thank you for the ideas though!
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We have fund-raisers every year. The biggest draw is a car wash. We get a local store (McDonalds in our case) to sponser it. Think about girls in bikinis and guys in shorts? Put the most bodacious out at the curb with signs.

We also auction off talent. Does someone know how to play the guitar? Is someone really good at dancing? 3 lessons. Is there a really good cook? A special meal for a special an anniversary dinner. Or a decorated cake. Another thing you can auction off is their time. 3 hours of yard work. Or a kids birthday party host.
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That's a great idea! Sort of like a Promises Auction!

I will definitely suggest that and see what everyone thinks! Thank you!

More suggestions still welcome! We have £3000 to raise!!
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thats so much money!!!!
You could go door to door and see what they will donate then do that chinese thing and sell it off!
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I saw that someone else had suggested a car wash. That is always a bug fundraiser for different high school clubs and sports teams. You get a store to donate the soap and sponges and find people that will have the hoses/towels etc. Other fundraiser people will do is to have a prominent person (usually a man) be willing to shave his mustache, beard or head if a certain money goal is reached. Or a prominent person man or woman will kiss a pig or horse or some such animal if a certain money goal is reached. Odd but elementary schools children do these and they do raise some money!!
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Thanks guys! I don't think the car wash thing would be possible, I'm affraid, most of the places here are flats and VERY few people who live central have cars

I can just imagine my arty tutors who have had their beards since they were at college shaving them off!! I would give it a go, but the Tutors leave the whole thing up to us and I don't think any of us would gain much money to shave!

But with nthese ideas, I think I may be able to twist them to MAKE the tutors get involved!!

I'll keep you all updated on any other ideas too! and i'm ALWAYS up for more!!
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