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Litter disposal

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Has anyone heard of the Litter locker cat litter disposal system?
(boy that was a mouth full)
Its supposed to make the litter oder FREE Also it says it lasts 2 months, I can't beleive 2 months per cat .... sounds kinda strange how would that smell when you unlock it..
I don't know if that would be good to keep it around 2 months
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Yup, I have one. If you search around you can find a thread dedicated to it... here's one: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...=litter+locker

It's basically like a trash can, you have to empty it once a week, and the refill lasts about a month. And yeah, it does kinda stink when you empty it... but on the plus side, it's better than tossing a garbage bag away every day, especially when it's cold out.
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Well thats for sure, I just saw them for $18.00 and the refill is about $9.00 I think, Thanks for the imput
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I've been waiting to find one on sale, but am looking forward to useing it. Frankly, the amount of grocery bags that I use (about one a day) makes me feel guilty about the environment and it stinks if I just leave the bag next to the pan all folded up like my mom does. I suppose now that I'm switching to chicken feed I should really just flush, but as of right now I'd have to run through the house, down the stairs and through the kitchen to get to a working toilet. Best that I get one, me thinks
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With three cats and clumping litter, I was going through a refill every three weeks. I gave up. I've just been using regular trash bags stuffed in the Litter Locker instead. I have to admit, I wasn't too impressed with it, but then again, I have three cats. (I was having to empty it every day.)

I'm waiting until I have some extra money and I'm planning on buying a diaper pail.
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I've read about them here on TCS but never seen them here in NZ. I have these little plastic bags left over from when we owned a butcher shop that I take each poop out with, it's a good way of using them up if I don't have one on hand then I will just get toilet paper and flush the waste down the dunny!
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I've got one (for one cat), and I love it. A refill cartridge lasts about two months for one cat, especially if you use scissors instead of the built-in safety knife to cut the plastic. I empty it every week; I use clumping litter, so it probably fills up faster than it would were nonclumping litter used.
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I use the plastic grocery bags. Everything goes to the landfill. Nothing there ever gets a chance to decompose. I would dare to dumpt the litter in the toilet. You can't do that with a cesspool.
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I just got my litter lockers and so far I really like them, they really do keep the oder down, I have to stinky babies here, I got 2 of them, 1 for the babies and 1 for my 2 older cats. There simple to operate also, sure beats having to dump the dirty litter every time they go...
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