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Honey's Babies

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I just saw the new babies today before I went to work. They are precious!! Fat and healthy (knock on wood). Poor Honey wanted loving so bad I took her out of the cage and held her for a while. She was SO happy, she wrapped her front paws around my neck and was purring and nuzzling up a storm. She is such a good mama. She let me hold one of her babies.

I'm going to Rene's tomorrow before I come in to work and will get some pictures to post here. They're 3 weeks old already.

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Okay everybody, here's a picture, although not the greatest, you can see how big her babies have gotten.
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My babies are wonderful! They are three weeks old and big boys - they just learned how to crawl out of their basket and now are trying to play! They are soft and smell so sweet - and Honey is such a good mom! The one I will keep is Pentaclecats Pandamonium (Pan for short, and as you know Pan is the God of Mischief) and my daughter has not yet named her boy.

There will be more pictures next week - I know I have not been on lately but have been SO busy!
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You're welcome Rene.
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Ohh, how cute!
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New baby pics
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Baby pic
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Today the kittens are one month old exactly! Pandamonium turned out to be a female and her name is Pentaclecats En Vogue - they are wonderful, sweet, smart and the best kittens in the world and I am not at all biased.
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OMG!!!!!!! :bubbly: :laughing2
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Oh my goodness - nothing better then kittens - they just make you heart melt!
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Awwwwweeeee!!! TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
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