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Cat Scratching ears and shaking head what to do?

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Hello Cat Lovers:

I took in this very small female cat and thought it was lost, it has become a member of our group here now.
The problem at this time with her is the constant scratching at her ears and shaking her head as if to clear something out.
I thought she might have ear mites so I got the medication from our local Pet Store and put it in, that seemed fine, although she did not like it at all. About 2 weeks later the scratching and pawing at the ears started up again so I put the ear mite medication in again, after her ears were flattened down to her head and she would no longer come to me, I thought I had better put some water in her ears to clean out the medication as maybe she was allergic to it. My husband said she slept with him last night in his bed and he could hear water as she continued shaking her head.
Right at this moment she seems settled down and is no longer pawing at her ears, but I wonder about this, is it ear mites or something else.
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Putting water in a cat's ear can actually be quite dangerous and it sounds like the water has now collected in the ear which is why she is continuing to shake her head. You really need to take this cat into the vets, explain the circumstances and the treatments you have tried. The vet will be able to say if it is or isn't ear mites - and also remove the water that is now causing a real problem in her ears. It is always better to get professional advice first in case the treatment you offer causes a more serious problem than the ailment you are trying to treat. Cats are extremely susceptible to many different medicines and even over the counter medicines can prove harmful to a cat. Please call a vet and take her in to be checked out - all of you - especially the cat - will be much happier. Ear mites need fairly aggressive and regular treatment - the vet will be able to tell you the proper dosage and how often you must re-apply it, if it is ear mites. The water in the ears will have probably compromised that treatment so you really need some professional advise based on an examination of the cat.

Good luck
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Water in a cat's ears is a real problem because it can do some damage, and upset their balance even. I would take this cat to a vet quickly, and tell the vet what you did and see if he can undo the damage. Over the counter products for pets rarely ever work, and seem to create more problems then they solve. Sometimes I wonder why they are even available- but the answer to that is the companies make money while sometimes doing harm to an animal or causing some sort of misery for it.
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I work for a vet and I always see this problem. From my experience, please do not purchas anything from a pet store unless you are completely sure it works. There are a lot of products on the market that really do not work. your best choice is to get a vet to look at a sample of ear wax under a microscope to see if there are ear mites... If that is really the case then he would perscribe you a medication that works or tell you what you can buy at the store that will work. Everyone is right, don't use water to clean the pets ears. you can purchase pet ear cleaner that is safe and effective. I hope your kitty gets better

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Limerick was doing that and it was Ear Mites. I'd get her to the vet ASPA, they can cause long term damage!! Hope she feels better soon!!!
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Yeah she needs a trip to the vet. If its earmites your vet will give you mita-clear for them. If its an infection they'll take a sample of it and give her antibiotics. Over the counter solutions dont usually work and can cuase damage.

Trying to clean your cats ears out with water is a bad idea. It can lead to a number of ear problems. Cat ears when wet on the inside can culture bacteria. Just let her shake out whatever is still in her ears.

I don't want to scare you but, my cat George had earmites coupled with a yeast infection in his ears. He was a feral and by the time I was able to catch him it was pretty bad. He's got very little hearing in his left ear, and he requires daily meds now to keep his ear clean.

It's a pretty easy for you vet to check out. Might turn out she's just got itchy ears, but its best to be sure.
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