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My Beau seems to be doing better :-)

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A while back I posted on here that my Beau has been diagnosed with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). The diagnosis came in November, and we saw a naturopathic vet in December, who prescribed a new diet and some Chinese herbal medicine. Since then his blood work shows an improvement in the levels of various components in his blood which we are watching closely, which means that he is doing better. Unfortunately he has lost two pounds since November, and I am trying to do what I can to see to it that he doesn't lose any more weight. He started out as a big chubby boy, though, so as long as he doesn't lose more it is probably ok. I just have to find some way to weigh him frequently, and so am looking for a cheap baby scale or something like that, so I can weigh him at home. I have to feed him a careful diet now, low in phosphorus and protein, for his kidneys, and he doesn't always feel that enthusiastic about it. However, the main thing is he is feeling good these days and the tests show improvement, so we are possibly on the right track so far! I just try not to let it get me toooo happy, because he still has CRF, which won't go away, and I know it can be a roller-coaster ride. I am trying not to get too high so that if his numbers get bad again it won't be so far down. But since I am hanging out on this site these days I thought I would let you all know where things are at the moment.

D'Elle and her Magnificent Beau
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This is positive news! Your boy is so handsome! Tell me if you find a cheap baby scale. They are sooo expensive, aren't they? I have one who is loosing (she's 16 this year) and the other is too chubby. So I need a digital with ounces on it. I hate dragging them to the vet just to weigh them because it's so stressful.
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Could you please explain CRF to me? I am hoping your Beau is well today.
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CRF is chronic renal failure - kidney disease. It's very common in cats, an awful disease and I lost my Jimmy to it last year.

Can't you use some kitchen scales with a big mixing bowl on top (weight it first, obviously). I remember when I had my first baby I weighed him in a huge pudding bowl on the kitchen scales.
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I've been very happy to hear that things are going so well!
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I am also glad to hear things are looking up! Heres to wishing you all the best with him.
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I'm happy to hear the handsome boy is doing so well
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