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Well, it's been a while since I've gotten to talk to you all! I went to my doctor appt. for my pregnancy on Oct. 3rd and the Doc put me on bedrest because my BP is still above norm! He feared Toxemia but it's pretty much just stayed stable at between being okay and being toxemic. But, I'm still on bedrest.

I had to quit my job, which I was going to do anyway at the end of November, but it's happenend early. We don't have internet access at home yet, although we are trying to find a cheap provider. So until we get one, I am using the public library's computers and I won't be in much at all anymore.

Hope everyone is doing fine and I hope to be online again soon! Best wishes to everyone!

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I hope you come back soon! We miss you. Take care of yourself nad the baby. :daisy: :flower: :flower:
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Hope you're feeling better soon! Do what's best for baby right now, you have years to take care of your own stuff. How far along are you? And will you have to stay in bed all that time?

Question: I thought the blood pressure stuff was called eclampsia. What is Toxemia? I haven't heard of that.
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Take good care and do as the doctor says! It's really important to do this and try to lower your blood pressure with rest to prevent the onset of pre-eclempsia.

Can you meditate or do some sort of relaxation exercise? It's really important as it could help you lower your bp. Above all, don't stress yourself and try to enjoy your time. When I was on bedrest we got the TV into the bedroom and I got my cross stitch projects out and lots of nice books.

Take care! I'll be thinking about you and your little one!
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Nice to meet you!!

Take good care of yourself!!!
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Thake care of yourself and your baby. I hope to see you back soon!

I have AT&T for internet the 7/7 plan. It is only $7.95 a month for unlimited use. I would try them and see if they have a local number in your area.
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Toxemia and preeclampsia are the same thing.
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VLinder....I have missed you!!!! We all have!!!!! I will pray that everything will be okay, and I am sure that it will be. Please keep us posted on how how you are doing.
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