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How about a "Just Kittens" thread!

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How about a thread for kittens...I just love seeing those little cuties!!

I only have some pics of the kittens I had last summer but I would love to see your kitten pics or pictures of your cats when they were kittens.

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If there is anyone out there that cannot love a face like that, they need help. It almost makes me want a kitten.
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So adorable!!

Here's my Meeko when he was a kitten (I think he was around 6 or 7 weeks in this picture):

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yea!!!!!!!!!!!! Little Kittys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hheeh they are soooo cute!!!!!
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Princess the little orange kitty and pitufo the black kitty....the other 2 kitty live next door.

Chuckly (the gray one) Princess in the middle and Pitufo.
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Originally Posted by babygirl
Princess the little orange kitty and pitufo the black kitty....the other 2 kitty live next door.
OMG Tina! Baby Pitufo & Baby Princess....adorable!
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Thank you Kelly.
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Aaaawwwww lovely tiny kitties
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And Sophie!

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You guys have all seen these a thousand times.......

The boys at 9 days old.

4 weeks old

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Love the thread! Here's Juicy and his brothers and sister.

My FAVORITE picture! Holding 5 of the six babies---the 6th was not born yet at that time. I'm such a proud meowmy!!!

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Here's Chloe. She's almost 3 months old.

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Here's Beaker taking a nap with Dad.

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What beautiful babies everyone has!! I love this thread. Here are a few of my baby Sui.

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Cute kittens!
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Tiggy the day we found him at about 4 months

Trixie at about 8 weeks

and sick little Petals soon after we found her at about 4 weeks

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i love this thread!!!!! everyone has beautiful kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is kara (my bf's daughter) with her new hymilayan kitten cupid that she got for xmas. im so jelous, i want to steal him!!!!

the kitten i found like last year

serj as a kitten. see the spot between his ears??

he ran under the stove!!! the grease spot wouldn't come off for days

i can't find any baci or system kitten pics, i put them all on a cd and i lost it
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I think I'm in love with everyone's little babies! Now I want another one.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

And Sophie!

Awwwww! *lol* Its like a miniture version.
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I will put up some baby pictures of Orei and Princess soon.
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This is Lil' Jag. She is about 6 months old this month. These two pictures were taken when she was 4 months old.

And this was taken a week after she was spayed at 5 months. (She is on the left and her 'adopted father' Luvbug is on the right.)

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Dutchy with her adopted charges when they were little..jellie and bellie
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:bump: for more little cuties!!!
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Beautiful kittens everyone!

Here's Ruby when she was younger. Shes 5 months old now. (Notice the whiskers in her mouth! She always used to do that)

And her sister Rosie having her say as per usual...

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Okay, I'm keeping my promise! Sorry it took so long!

Here's Princess at 6 weeks:

Orei at 6 months:
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I'm sitting in the computer lab in my apartment going "awww" at all of these pictures. I need to find a scanner so I can post a picture of the day I got Bast. She was sooooo tiny - she fit on my hand. I've got kitten pictures from her foster mom.
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