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cat move!!!

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Hello All,

I recently moved in with my girfriend and took my cat with me. She has a little terrier dog that is curious of the cat but affraid as well. I am not worried about the dog attacking the cat. It's the other way around. My cat grew up being an outside cat in the city. He stands up to ANY dog. I have seen him take on 2 big huskies before. He has no front claws as well. I think at one point intime he may have had a dog chase him at some point because he simply doesn't like dogs. I brought him in the house slowly but as soon as he smells the dog he goes nuts. He make a horrible growling sound and hisses alot. He even looks like he hunts the dog out sometiumes to attack it. I tried keeping the cat in one room and let the dog smell under the door but the cat keeps wanting to attack the dog. I took the dogs towel and put it under cats food dish. He sleeps on the dogs towel as well. What would be thebest way to get these two to get along. It has only beena week but the cat doesn't look like it is letting up yet at all. What if i put them both in there cages and place them close to eachother for a while. I just want the cat to realize that the dog will not hurt it and just want to play. The dog has been good with cats in the past. He is pretty passive dog.

Will they ever get along?

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Your cat is in full attack mode because he has to be. Without claws, a cat is pretty much defenseless, and so they are all bluster, swagger and bite when they feel threatened. If he had his claws, he would be easier on dogs because all he would have to do is swipe them once across the nose, and if he was an outside kitty with NO claws??? That's just nuts. He can't defend himself, so he makes it so no other animal will mess with him.
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My cat reacts to same way to dogs. You might want to try to create train him. Put him in his carrier and bring the dog to the create or the other way around might work better,create the dog and slowly introduce the two. Ask your vet, they might know a more effective way.
Good luck!!
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