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I Need Some Help!

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Is there anyone I can talk to in a pm? I haven't been feeling good lately. I can't talk to a counselor because I have no money and they charge too much. I'd like to talk to someone without having to pay.
Being in this site makes me realize that there are great people that care. I have been suffering alot of stress and depression and I need to get it out. I would appreciate it.
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Did you find anybody? I am on AOL instant messenger at the moment as MrsApplefan, if you want to reach me there. I'm up to 275 right now, so I sure understand the weight stuff.
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I use a school computer. I used to have messenger by hotmail, but the school staff took it off. I also had one for yahoo. I can only send and receive emails. I can't even download attachments.
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Been there, done that, very frustrating isn't it?

You know you can probably get another e-mail account from one of the free places and use it at the public library? I assume (from your age and the children) that you have a car and don't live on campus so you are limited by money, not transportation. At least with a Yahoo or Excite account you'd be able to see the pictures.

I noticed you posted 3 things really quick, and figured you were feeling overwhelmed. Getting rid of a boyfriend is a big change, plus then all the weight issues and school and kids on top of that. Dang! It's a ton of stuff. Anybody would freak.

Does your school not have a counselor? My last 2 colleges did, though I didn't use the service. I don't know if it was primarily for trauma (eg. rape counselling) but they might be able to refer you some place if they don't do it. For years when I was in Boston, I had free care through Mass General Hospital because my income was so low. I was single and putting myself through college, I think the cut-off was $16K. They covered group therapy for me for free. You might qualify for some kind of assistance at a local hospital too. Lots of great people here, but you might find out you need something you just can't get online, so check it out for later.

Promised a friend I'd call her 10 minutes ago, so I must run. I'm in and out of this board several times over the day, or you can e-mail me at alliecrawford@excite.com, which I check pretty frequently.
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Transportation is an issue because I have to ride the bus(with my kids). And they are fixing all the roads so the buses have to detour alot, be late, etc. I really like to talk to people I can trust. I've had two psychiatrists and they weren't much help.
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I am on AOL Instant Messanger. I don't know how to connect in an IM with a different ISP.

Nena, if you want to PM me, I will be there for you. I don't know if I can help, (I don't know your story) but I am willing to listen. I am a great listener. Maybe I can help?

Or e-mail me at VJoyArt@aol.com. I check my e-mail several times a day.

Nena hugs and kisses
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Nena, call the university and ask for the psychology department and aske them if they have a clinic. Most big universities have Ph.D. programs where they train people to be psychologists. As part of their training they provide therapy to people in the community at little or no cost. I don't know for sure that the school there in Salt Lake has a program, but they might. It would be worth checking into.
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Just because we want you to connect to local services, don't think it means we don't love you! It's just that most of us are not professionals (I'm sure there are one or two here) and really sometimes a person needs more than an online friend. We're here for you, too, but what we can do for you is kind of limited. Hope you are feeling better soon.
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Nena, you can pm me here as often as you want. I am not a professional therapist but I am a great listener and I can try and answer somethings if I can. just pm me or if you want, I am here as often as I can be, but usually not until the night time cause I have so much work to do and then i work 3-11 then I come home and look at all the new things going on here. But let me know what's up and I'll be here as much as I can for you.
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Nena love, if you want to talk you can pm me anytime, Im here all day everyday!!! (I use the comp. at work you see) Feel free to to PM anytime hun, I would love to try and help! Lots of love...
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Feel free to pm me if you'd like. I am a pretty good listener, I think!
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Count me in too if you want.
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Nena, any time you want to chat or vent or just cry.
I promise to listen with out judging.
I have two strong shoulders one to cry on and one to lean on.
email me when you are ready.

*Hugs sweets*

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Nena, I just now saw this thread, I hope you will PM me or e-mail me any time you need to talk, I would even give you my phone number if you want to call sometime. I hope you know how much I care.
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Thanks everyone. I am feeling a little better now. It just that sometime, a big grey cloud goes over my head and I need to cry and talk about things. But I am feeling okay, now. But if it comes again, I will be shedding my feelings.
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Shed away....we are here to listen. *HUGS*
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