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Round Worms Question

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I found out on Friday that my little guy has round worms. We gave him 1/2 cc of Nemex to get rid of the little buggers. That day he had diarrhea and that night he threw up. I asked one of the drs at work and they said it was normal. But tonight when we got home I noticed that he did the same thing in his litter box.

Has anyone else had this problem? The fecal had quite a bit of worms on it so maybe it's just the medicine working and getting them out of his system?

I'm just a little worried because his stool was fine and now he has diarrhea again and this is the second time he has thrown up.

Sorry to be gross! But I'm just a worried mommy!
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It is perfectly common, and usually after the second dose (most cats need several treatments) they will upchuck the dead worms. Roundworms are nasty, and so is the medicine that kills them. But if your cat becomes dehydrated- get the cat to the vet quickly. In between see if he will take some water from you, pour a bit of tuna juice in the water. Also if he keeps vomiting- call your vet back as well- that's what he gets paid for!
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Thanks for responding so quickly! He will be treated again in 12 days (from Friday). I'm glad to know that it is normal.

They are nasty little things!! Thank god I work for a vet and don't have to pay for anything. haha I bring him in all the time for the littlest thing. He makes a funny face and he comes to work with me.

Thanks again for replying so quickly... everytime I worry about him I seem to wake up a million times during the night.. and of course everytime I have to get up and check on him. So maybe I will actually get some sleep!!

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That's what roundworm medicine normally does? Huh. When I gave Freya her medicine, she seemed fine. Just a bit sleepy. But it got rid of the roundworms, so I'm glad. ^.^
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So how long did the upset tummy last after the Nemex? My kittenjust had her second dose last Thurs and still has the runs? The Vet says she is fine. She is now parasite free.
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He still occasionally has diarrhea or vomits. He vomited last night. But it's pretty infrequent. He will be due for his second dose on the 9th.

Have they checked a stool sample since he was given his second dose? If they did and it was clear she should stop having diarrhea soon.

I hope your baby is feeling better!
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For the diarrhea once the stool has been checked by the vet and is parasite free you can feed your kitty some cooked rice and boiled hamburger (just mix it together) and yes i said boiled not broiled. Just put a small amount in a little bit of water, and cook it until the moisture is down, and the meat is browned. Drain the liquid, add the beef to the cooked rice and serve warm not hot. Most cats scarf it down and it binds inside them helping to form stool.

But run a sample of the cat's stool to the vet first making sure there are no other worms or problems. And keep your cats hydrated with Pedialyte instead of water to replace the body fluids they are losing
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