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About 3 years ago, I lost 30 pounds (from 200 to 170), and in the last year another 10. Here are some of the things I have found work well to help in losing weight and keeping it off.

Eat whatever you want, but only a little bit. If you love enchiladas, have one, or a half of one, with your salad. Freeze the rest if there's a lot. Same goes for sweets. I have tiny cappucino cups I use as ice cream bowls, so I feel like I "ate a whole bowl of ice cream", but only had about 100 calories worth. Or I'll cut a chocolate bar in half, eat one piece and put the other in the freezer. Then if I want it later I have to wait for it to thaw and then I know I really want it.

If you are sensitive to carbohydrates, like I am, it is best to eat some protein with every meal and snack, especially breakfast and morning snacks. If you find yourself tired about an hour after eating, or if you crave sweets and can't get full eating them, you might be insulin-resistant or carbo sensitive or whatever you want to call it. Protein is the answer. It keeps your appetite satisfied longer and stops the "kitchen grazing". As a snack, try cheese, a boiled or scrambled egg, tuna, sandwich meat, any protein. Add in something with lots of fibre (an apple, grain bread), and you have a snack that will last.

Definitely exercise. In the last three years I have gone from not owning sneakers to running 5K (a couple of miles) 2-3 times a week. Over the years, I did aquafit, swimming, walking, aerobics, cardio machines (like stepper, stationary bike), up to jogging now and I am going to get back into cross country skiing this winter. I have to change what I do every few months to keep from getting bored. Everyone wants to know the *best* exercise, but the best one is whatever exercise you will do on a regular basis.

Keep informed. The internet is a great tool for that. I spend some of my 'net time at WebMD, which is a great site for all health issues, but they have workout and diet "buddies" so you can work with someone for your goal, as well as nutrition and exercise message boards with lots of info and support.

And although Debbie's joke was funny, there are several "myths" in there that are the things that keep people from getting to a healthy weight.

I *do* feel better now that I've lost weight. I can run for the bus without fear of passing out, and I don't get sleepy and sluggish at inopportune times during the day.

And they are always *changing what's healthy*, but some things always have been. Vegetables of all kinds, soy foods, whole grains and, most importantly, moderation in all things.

Also, I've seen people here say "I only like fattening foods" or "I don't like to drink water" or "I don't like salad in the winter". But those are just things we tell ourselves. I didn't like drinking lots of water at first, either, but I did it. Consider that it's like medicine or surgery. It tastes bad or is uncomfortable now, but will benefit you in the future. It's not *fun* to go jogging, but I always feel better afterwards, both physically and mentally. The workout relieves stress, and I feel as though I've accomplished something, and done something to be healthier.

If someone is used to eating only fattening foods, of course they will think they only enjoy these foods. But there's so many healthy foods they probably haven't tried. I eat salad all year, too, but in the winter I grill a bit of beef, slice it up and put that on a salad with warm orange juice-Dijon mustard dressing. Or I eat a regular salad with the furnace turned up for a few hours

It's all about breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones. It takes at least 20 days to make a new habit. Don't give up. It's not a diet, that implies a temporary situation. It's a new way of living. You have to live like you want to live for the rest of your life, and that ain't salad every night, at least it isn't for me. Moderation and determination. That is the only thing that works.

Best to luck to all!

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I have a relatively slow metabolism, but have been thin all my life.
since turning 40 last year, I noticed a few "bulges" where I never had them before, so I asked my doc what to do.
He told me to eat several small meals throughout the day, whether I was hungry or not (ya hearing me Catarina?) and that would help speed up my metabolism, which would help burn fat and calories.
He was right, I didnt really change WHAT I ate, just how much and how often.
I'm by no means saying eat cheesecake 5 times a day :LOL: just eat less food more often...it worked for me, and may work for you too?
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Weight loss is a very tricky subject for most Americans. Many famous people with lots of disposable income have tried and failed. Oprah, Ricky Lake etc. There is no magic pill. It takes hard work and determination. Most people say there is no time. You HAVE to make time. Starving yourself is not the answer. Fad diets do not work either. It takes a lifestyle change. I'm no expert but the few things I know are:

1. Always eat a balanced breakfast. This stokes the metabolic fire.
2. Excercise before your first meal. This forces the body to use fat reserves for fuel.
3. Eat smaller meals but eat more often. 4-6 times a day isn't too much.

Good luck!
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I just bought me some of the Slim Fast shakes & bars. I intend to do this diet just to get a few unwanted pounds off of me, then excersise, too.
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