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Jeter Pics!!!

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Finally a few pics of Jeter, my little con artist. (If you remember correctly, he dragged his leg till campus security took pity on him and had me catch him and bring him home to fix up. The little boy was a faker, as he was perfectly healthy.)

On the prowl....

Christmas Tree kitty...

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Awww adorable pics. What a sweet face.
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Great pics!!! I love the ones of him posing near the Xmas presents!!!
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He's a cutie pie, love the pics.
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I love Jeter in the last one. What a regal pose!
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My dog did something like that when my borther left for college!!! She suddenly began to favor one of ther front paws, she was perfectly fine. She tried it again alittle bit later but she's forget her paw hurt. When we'd catch her she'd be like "oh yeah, wow my paw hurts". It was kinda cute.
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What a beautiful boy!!!
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Aw, how handsome. I love his meatloaf pose by the Christmas tree!
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He's a cutie, too! I just love gray and white cats!
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Very Cute, lovely colour
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