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Rude cats...

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don't you hate it when they won't turn off their high-beams?

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lol cute picture!!! My cat does that a lot too.. silly flash bulbs
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LOL! Great caption!
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love the caption.
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only person whose pics of cats turn out with headlight like eyes.
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Great caption I just love when cats eyes do that...any cats
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Wow love those green eyes John!
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Great pics Brian and John!!
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Ha ha... nice pics and great captions to go with!
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Very Funny
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Originally Posted by brianlojeck
don't you hate it when they won't turn off their high-beams?

lol he says " What?! You act like you've never seen a cat with glowing eyes! Geeez"

heheh Funny! I love it when this happens in photos.
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AmberTheBobcat... that photo ROCKS!

it reminds me of my favorite path in the San Diego Zoo, where they have all the sort-of-great cats (cougars, jaguars, panthers, lynx, etc...) lined up side by side.

of course, the #$@#$#@ exhibit management doesn't think it's worth replacing these cats as they age, so one by one they're all due to be taken off exhibit and nothing else put in their place.

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great caption!!!
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Yeah geez some cats can be so rude!! haha
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AmberTheBobcat... that photo ROCKS!
Thanks, that's our friends Asian Leopard
I love when cats eyes glow like that, especially outside at night
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