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Needed a little help. I have a part maine-coon cat that has dandruff on her back. What I want to know is how to get rid of it. She eats Eaukanoba food and her hair is shiny. She is a little overweight. About 16lbs. Has anyone had this trouble and what's the answer.
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I have that problem with Aramis. She probably weighs about 14 pounds. I feed her the Science Diet Light Maintenance. Maybe it's just because they are fat... My other two cats don't have the problem.

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When cats are overweight, they have a hard time grooming their backs -- they're too fat to reach that far So, they will sometimes develop skin problems as a result. Try regularly brushing her to stimulate the skin and to keep it cleaner. Also, it wouldn't hurt to ask the vet for supplements that might help.
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Following Sandie's advice, I started giving Satey a fatty acid supplement a few times a week, and his dandruff all but disappeared! I got mine from Drs. Foster and Smith, and you can find their catalog online at http://www.drsfostersmith.com . Under the category Shedding, Click on the link Shed Preventitive Products
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my kitty weighed about 20 lbs and had the back dandruff, you just gotta brush the heavyweights alot cus they cant reach. We had to do the hinee cleaning to sometimes, which wasnt pleasent but had to be done poor sammy, i think it was just a protest about cleaning thier own butts though, if i was a kitty i would object to Brushing helps though, you gotta do it all the time though! Our kitty buddy to when he was really sick before he died he got alot of dandruff to cus he was to weak to clean himslef, skinniest kitty to. Hes in heaven now dandruff free! Sammy probably brought some of hers to heaven, there was just to much area with it on her tubby frame
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Thanks for all the help. I do brush her, but I'll try to more often, hopefully that will help. I look up the Dr. Foster web-sight and check it out. I surely want to help my gal out, and I want to thank everyone for their suggestions.
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