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Breeding troubles  

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We are having trouble breeding our 1 year old male iwth our 1 1/2 - 2 year old female. We have put them together but they are not interested. THe female is in Heat and the male is anxious but he only goes after the younger MALE cats. We have bred the female before but this male wont breed with her and we want them to breed because they are both purebred white persian and we want a new litter of kittens for breeding purposes. Please help if you can. Thanks.
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Maybe if you removed the younger males from the room and just put the 2 you want to breed together in one room by themselves. They older male may see them as trying to get his woman and can only think about keeping them away from her. If the younger ones are removed from the room, breeding is more likely to occur.

Take Care,
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thx for ur help but ive tried it and nothing is working,wat else should i do ?do u think paris is gay ?or maybe i can give him a pill to make him like her ?
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pleaz help me !!!ok i have 2 persian cats and 1 is female and 1 is male.The female is in heat and the boy is kinda interested but hes not making any moves on her.I really need to know how to get the male and female to mate.I mean i've got the female to mate before but shes almost 2 yrs. old.the male is a little over 1 and this is his first time.i mean can i give the male a pill so he will mate with her ?i'm very confuused and the female is gonna be in heat for only a few more days so time is running out lol.So any piece of information can be ALOT of help !so thx for taking time to read this !bye!
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I merged your threads because they are similar. I am not a breeder, but I would just say that if you are having so much problem with this, than don't breed this pair.
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thx,but they r the only that haven't been fixed and they r both papered and both white with blues so they very pretty cats
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You can't force two cats to breed, I'm sorry to tell you. Just leave the two cats together in a room, let them get used to each other and then when she comes back into call, things might be different next time round. Works for some studs, that they have to get "used to" the queen - if you know what I'm saying. Good luck.
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but they like each and they do mating calls together but still nothing happens
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Are you a registered breeder?
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of course i am silly lol
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Are you a registered breeder?
good question, something just doesn't add up here...
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but that still doesn't answer my question lol
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Just out of experience-

We have a two year old male Persian and he wasn't interested in females for the first year of his life - we let him run with a couple but he had no interest. The females would practically on top of him but he would just sit back and enjoy the show. September 2003 we introduced Sophie to him and he fell in love and in November he was Daddy to 5 kittens, he hasn't shown any interest in another female. We are hoping he will continue to work as he's such a lovely boy.

Also have you tried holding the female for him? And just gently tickling under her chin and her ears? Sometimes the male needs to know that she can't get away, if you know what I mean. Also considering they are Persians, we have found alot of Persian Queens need help.

How long has she been calling for?
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about 3 days
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r u there ?
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BUMP !!!
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Excuse me but this is a Message board and not an IM system. Not everyone has the time to reply straight away.
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Please don't use the board as a chat room, that is not the purpose. Based on your posts here, I would venture to say that you need to find an ethical registered breeder in your area and ask her or him to mentor you through this process. It is clear that you are unsure what you are doing, and it just may be that these two cats aren't interested in achieving what you are setting out to achieve.
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Your post has been answered by Sam (WellingtonCats), and very well I might add.
As Hissy Said, please remember that this is NOT a Chat board, it's a forum.

As it has been answered, I'm closing this thread. Should you require any more assistance beyond what has been posted please feel free to ask.
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