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My first painful oven burn

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I was making some honey BBQ wings today for lunch and as I was pulling out the pan my arm hit the oven rack above it. It left a nasty looking burn. It was hurting for hours. A 400 degree over really hurts.

No a good photo sorry

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AH, dont worry thats only small!!
i had a huge one from the tip of my finger right down to my wrist.
Now that hurt heaps! i kept on going to the bathroom putting it under cold water.
Also if you put butter on it, Its apparently meant to help too and apparently meant to heal the wound quicker too.
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Oh dear, I've done that before... twice. Not to worry, I think the first scar faded, as it happened a few years ago.... I can't even find it! Still hurts though, I'm sorry!
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If something like that ever happens again be sure and put it under cold running water right away. It will help stop your flesh from "burning". You'll have a pretty scar, I bet.
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Vinegar soothes a burn, even sunburn.
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THanks for the advice guys , umm i mean Girls
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Owww. That looks so painful!!! Vinegar does work wonders on a sore burn even if it is a little smelly. Cool creamy lotions work as well... putting jergens or something in the fridge then puting a nice thick layer on the burn will soothe it and help it from drying as it heals... so it won't get itchy.
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I'm very careful when using the oven. That sure does look nasty.
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No Butter Please! What Happens When You Put Butter Into A Hot Pan...it Starts To Fry, Right? Now Substitute The Hot Pan With Your Hot Hand (skin).. And Apply Butter...what Happens? Your Skin Starts To Fry! Please Do Not Use Butter On A Burn!
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