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I have indoor siamese and do not really see a need to bathe them on a regular basis. However does anyone have any experience on using cleaning wipes for a waterless bath. If you can recommend any brands that would be great.
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All of the wipes I have tried are fairly pungent and they dont really work all that well. You may want to try a (sp?) shamie..you know the suede looking things you buy to dry your car with. They pick up loose hairs and make the coat shiney.
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I like to use the Kitty Wipes. They sell them at Pet Smart. I always brush before using them though to loosen the hairs. Haven't tried any dry shampoo yet.
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I also use the kitty wipes. I don't care for the red & white bag.... I don't like the smell of baby powder. I used the blue & white bag, and I liked the smell much better. They are made by the same maker, too. It makes the cats so nice & soft. Up until I used the blue & white ones, Gizmo had kind of course hair. I used them, and it made his coat nice & silky, like a Bengal's coat should be!
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If anyone is still reading this thread...
I've tried Out! Bathing Wipes for Cats. They were thick and didn't smell too bad but they didn't seem to do much of anything. My cat is white so sometimes he needs a touch up (especially like the time when he had a bout with diarrhea - ick).
Another option is a no rinse shampoo. That was the next thing I tried. I bought one by Bio-Groom and it was a bit better than the wipes but I'm not totally sold on it.
I've seen other no rinse shampoos and foams out there; maybe some other folks in this forum have had success with a particular brand.
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To address on subject - when my baby has as I call it mooshie poop - I just use regular babie wipes.
they work great!!! Would not use it for "bathing" but as quick touch ups they are wonderful. Would not live without them.
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